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Hungrier Games

No food to blog about today.  Yesterday was my 34th birthday and the 13th anniversary of my wedding shower.  On my birthday, I couldn’t get my printer to print everything I needed it to (even though I was cleaning nozzles and fixing alignments for what felt like FOREVER), I had to take my daughter to soccer practice, and I ate Chili Mac for dinner and Lucky Charms for dessert.  Don’t feel bad, I never would have eaten the Lucky Charms if it wasn’t my birthday so I feel like I came out ahead.  Besides, I am just gearing up for Saturday when my family will come over and celebrate with me!  When my cake is done, you will hear about it first, hopefully, by Saturday morning.  Until then, time to do some cleaning and some shopping, and I WILL get that printer to work.  

In the meantime, I just found out that on Sunday, during the MTV Video Music Awards we are going to get a sneak peak of the Hunger Games’!  Also, with only three days left till the new Dr. Who, I thought I would share a spoiler about the title of the last episode for this season.  Check out Blogtor Who to find out.  It is pretty awesome!  One last thing, I just wanted to whine that although I did manage to win early access into Pottermore, a great birthday present would have been my email saying I could enter, but alas, I am still waiting.


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My name is Celina. I am a wife and mother of three. I love to bake, go to the movies, read when I can and I am kind of a great big nerd. Just don't tell my husband.

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  1. Printer issues drive me crazy…..I find I’ve simply stopped printing. LOL!! Found you via stumble upon!


    • Ugh, tell me about it! I had just bought a new black ink but then I had alignment issues and ink head issues and to deal with both of those you have to use ink. I fixed those, then my blue ink ran out and I could print anything till I changed that! Well, finally fixed it but I am shopping for a new one. However, I won’t use it till I get my money’s worth of ink out of this one. LOL Hope you enjoy the blog!

  2. havent gotten my email too 😦

    • I know! I follow this guy on Twitter, and he just got his today and he was complaining about how he was having trouble stirring the spoon while making a potion and I told him, “Talk about problems I wish I had.” I was lucky though, I got up early on the last day and luckily it was an easier question. I had jury duty all week and so I missed out on a few days.


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