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Butter Toffee Cashew Christmas Presents…Shhh

Seriously, these are so easy I don’t know why the internet has more pictures of cupcakes than these beauties.  You see how I put them in the peppermint striped bowl?  This is what my aunts and other family and friends are getting for Christmas, shhh!  So yummy, so buttery, a little salty, so EASY!

Ultimately, what I would like to make is more of a homemade P-Nuttles recipe.  Sure, sure, you can find Peanut P-Nuttles everywhere but my favorite are the Cashew P-Nuttles.  Every year, when we go to the L.A. County Fair, I buy a great big bag.  I got that from my mom, that was one of her Fair traditions too.  This year, just after I finished mine, my sister went and got some.  We both shared, so it was like we had Cashew P-Nuttles for a whole month!  Ahh, the little things.  P-Nuttles are made using copper pots though, so I don’t know how that is all gonna go since I don’t have one.  I do have a few ideas on what to do to get around that to see if I can get somewhat closer to that whole end result.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

I didn't make much. I halved the original recipe, but it still was enough to make me feel WAY guilty for eating most of it.

My GeekyLink this week is actually another WordPress blog.  I found it via @wilw (Wil Wheaton) and @annewheaton on Twitter.  They had retweeted this blog that this guy @cryanathus had written detailing how he nerded out when Anne Wheaton responded to one of his tweets.  She responded to a couple of mine and although I might have shared his reaction, I kept it to myself.  I really kind of admired that he put it out there (Text I typed totally might have been in Wil Wheaton’s house for a second and that makes me awesome) and Wil and Anne were laughing their butts off!  That is how I found out about this guy.  I decided to follow his blog and follow him on Twitter.  I ultimately became completely jealous of him while I was reading reading his post Nerding My Wife 2.  Anne Wheaton’s bio on Twitter says she is “Accepting that I’m more of a nerd than I thought…”  and obviously @cryanathus’ wife is trying to do the same since she is willing to let her husband expose her to different “nerdy” things.  This is so unfair!  Do the nerdy chicks out there get that same sort of consideration from their men?  I really feel like if the wife was the nerd (as is my case), perhaps the men would not be so obliging.  At least not as easily anyway, there are very few “nerdy” things that my husband will let me expose him two.   He wouldn’t see Harry Potter after the second movie, let alone read any of the books.  He cannot stand Dr. Who.  We saw the latest Star Trek and X-Men movies together but he HATES Star Trek: TNG (!).  If you read the line on my header, you will see that I have pointed out that he is in denial.  I swear, whenever I comment about some new “nerdy” thing I have discovered, or Dr. Who, or Harry Potter, or anything AWESOME, he says, “You’re not a nerd.”  He feels like he is giving me a complement or rising me up from some lower status that he thinks I have given myself, but he is crazy!  I love this stuff, and my poor nerdy heart cries a little…for him, he is SO missing out!

Butter Toffee Cashews

adapted from Life123


1/2 cup (1 stick) butter

1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 tablespoon water

1 1/2 cup cashews (I used lightly salted, also used slightly less as the husband got into the cashews before I could stop him)


Butter a cookie sheet and set aside.

Use a deep, heavy-bottomed saucepan to heat the sugar, butter and water.  Stirring constantly with a wooden spo0n, bring the mixture to 300°.  Make sure to use a candy thermometer.  Once the sauce has reached the correct temperature, set your spoon down and do not stir.  Remove the mixture from the heat and dump in the nuts.

When the nuts are thoroughly coated, dump them onto the buttered cookie sheet.  Separate the nuts as much as you would like.  I like a few stuck together.  When they have cooled, store in an airtight container.

Any type of nut can be used for this recipe, and the recipe can easily be doubled.

About NerdyBaker

My name is Celina. I am a wife and mother of three. I love to bake, go to the movies, read when I can and I am kind of a great big nerd. Just don't tell my husband.

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  4. Oh, and by the way – thanks for the highlight in your piece. It’s an honor, great amusement, and I’ll bake your treats as a result.

  5. Keep with it, my friend. There’s gotta be something out there you can share successfully. Though my wife and I have been married for 2 years, we’ve been together for about 7. While I got her into Harry Potter and Torchwood and such many years ago, it’s only recently that she’s come around to agreeing to things like TNG.

    The point is that she knows how important these things are to me and therefore wants to share them with me. It’s like this – She was a dance major in college and performed in ballets and countless dance things that I previously would never have gone to watch. I didn’t know a thing about it when we met and didn’t particularly care. But all through school, I never missed watching her dance a single step no matter how large or small her role was in the piece, whenever it was, wherever it was. It was what she did so I wanted to be there with her, and after a little while I started to learn things about it and realize that I actually enjoyed it. That’s basically what my wife does for me in reverse.


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