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Mexican Hot Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

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Wow, even I have to say that I have had an adventurous few weeks.  I realize that I was super lucky that both things I wanted to do came at the end of the month when we actually have some money.


Looks like a giant cookie, but it is about to be destroyed! Also, I should have rolled it a bit thinner.

Here are these flavors again!

I didn’t realize as I got older that you get nostalgic for certain things (besides pop culture references) like tastes and sounds and places.    For me it is surprising because these flavors are still so readily available to me.  I can drive down to the panaderia and get me some pan dulce and go home and make a saucepan full of Abuelita or Ibarra to dip it in.  I think what bums me out about it and why I feel like it is so far away from me (like far away in my youth, ugh) is because my kids don’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did.  Don’t get me wrong, give them pan dulce and they will do some damage to it.  But except for my oldest and my son dipping once or twice per bread (it needs to be EVERY bite people!) they don’t seem to be into it.  Sarah won’t even try it.  And get this, Mexican chocolate or not, my girls don’t like hot chocolate!  Are you kidding me?  You are a kid!  Have some fun!  Live a little!

I used to live for the days that we would happen to go out when it was cold and my mom would LET me order a hot chocolate!  I can’t even beg these kids to order one.  I don’t know.  Maybe they are just fuddy duddies.  I just don’t want them to tell me five or ten years from now, “Why didn’t you tell me hot chocolate was so good?”  I guess all I can say is, “I told you so.”  Did that just come out of my mouth?  Not quite yet, just out of my keyboard.

The first time I made these they were WAY too sweet.  This chocolate has sugar in it and I knew I would have to figure out some way to deal with it but I went in head first and ended up having to deal with it after a BIG batch was made and pictures were taken.  The sugar not only makes it sweeter but also seems to make the marshmallows break down a bit more (I also think a certain four year old may have distracted me during my count so there may even have been an extra cup of marshmallows in my first batch).  So I knew I had to fix it before I posted it.  The adjustments were made and I am entirely happy with it.  However, my husband, the man who will go to an Italian restaurant and order the spaghetti, smelled the cinnamon and said, “Why couldn’t you just have made plain ones with cocoa krispies?”  Ugh…

My GeekyLinks this week are outer space related.  Yay!  First, this post answers the question Why do astronauts crave spicy food in space? and the second asks Where is Curiosity while on its way to Mars?  Sweet!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

makes 1 thick 9×13 in pan of treats


6 Tablespoons butter

5 cups marshmallows

8 cups (or 1 16.5 oz box ) Cocoa Krispies

1/2 cup ground Mexican chocolate like Ibarra or Abuelita (I use a mini-chopper and sift through a sieve as I go so I don’t get any big bits)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

pinch of Cayenne or Chile powder or Chipotle chile powder (optional) I didn’t use any but lots of recipes that have this flavor profile use it.  Try it and tell me how it goes!  You could even add it to my Mexican Chocolate Cookies.


I basically just made 1/3 of the topping for my Pan Dulce which I will measure out for you but you could also make a batch of Polvorones Rosas (Big Pink Mexican Cookies) and crumble them on top or just go buy some to crumble on top or forgo the topping altogether.

2 Tablespoons shortening

2 Tablespoons powdered sugar

2 Tablespoons granulated sugar

1/4 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

red food coloring (optional)


Make your topping first.  Preheat your oven to 350°.

Combine your shortening with the sugars and flour as best as you can.  I just used a fork since it was such a small amount and ended up having to use my hands.  If you want to dirty a mixer, go for it.  It will probably look better than mine.  Add your vanilla and food coloring and mix again till thoroughly combined and you can make a ball out of the dough.

Place it on an ungreased cookie sheet and or flatten it out as thin as you can without it breaking either by rolling it out or using the palm of your hand.  Bake for about 10-13 minutes or till the edges are just slightly brown.  Let cool on cookie sheet till it is cool enough to handle and then break it into bits.

Grease a 9×13 inch pan.

Melt butter in a large pan over low heat and add marshmallows.  Stir until they are almost completely melted, then add in your chocolate, cinnamon, and chile powder if you are adding any mixing until it is combined.  Remove from heat.

Stir in cereal so it is completely coated with marshmallow mixture.

Dump it all into the greased pan.  If you are not using any topping grease your hands and pat it down till it is all evenly distributed throughout the pan.  If you are using topping, grab handfulls of topping and use that to help you distribute the treats in the pan, hopefully mixing some bits into your treats a little (you still may have to grease your hands).  I wouldn’t mix the topping in the treats entirely (maybe if I was using the cookies).

Let treats cool completely, then cut and serve!


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  1. Oh wow! I will have to try these with the chili. I only made Abuelita chocolate once and it never really melted well. I’m going to have to try again. From what I remember there were bits floating in it and I didn’t really like it.

  2. These sound good! I’m going to try making them. Usually I use Fruity Pebbles when I’m craving marshmallowy cereal goodness.

  3. What a unique recipe!!! Looks so cool 😀
    Love the spicy chocolate flavour combo!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Peanut Butter M&Ms Peanut Butter Giant Cookie


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