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Sundays with Joy/Avocado Fries

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What a busy week!  Um, so on Monday I finally buckled down and started, in earnest, preparation for my daughter’s 9th birthday party.  I mean it was only six days away so I guess that was the perfect time.  My excuse for putting it off had been that it wasn’t a big party.  Two little cousins couldn’t come, we were combining it with the celebration for my nephew’s First Communion and it was going to be so small I had even been debating on getting a piñata.  In the end, I decided that since it was going to be small, I could take the time and work on the details.

Well, the details took all week.

Ready for the dipping…

You will get to see it all soon but first things first.  I didn’t have till today to make my Sundays with Joy recipe: Avocado Fries!  This was another one of those recipes that I wasn’t sure I would have made if it wasn’t for the group.  This is why I am thankful for the group…and Joy.  Already twice taking me out of my comfort zone on another culinary adventure!

Ready for the oil…

I am so glad I made the fries, though!  It brought out a whole flavor profile of the avocado for me that I just haven’t experienced before even though I am a big fan of the avocado and use it often.  I felt so bad for some of the people in our group that had never tried them before let alone cooked with them.  If I do make them again I will definitely put more cayenne or just spice in general into the flour and panko bread crumbs.  Do not use regular bread crumbs.  Panko is surely a MUST for this recipe.  I also really appreciated the splash of lemon juice on the cooked fries.  It was the icing on the cake so to speak.

Getting ready for the paper towels…

I really did like these fries.  Once they were done I was bummed that there certain people I know that weren’t there to try them.  I have a feeling these are right up my brother’s alley.  I have a few aunts that would have been interested too.  Also my dad (who is gone right now but due to be home soon and maybe I just wished he was here, avocado fries or not) who will eat anything I bake even though he is not that into sweets, would have really appreciated how different they are.

Ready for my mouth!

So don’t forget to buy Joy the Baker’s Cookbook, check out her blog, and don’t forget to check out the blog hop on Bakeaholic Mama‘s page that started me on this adventure.  You won’t regret doing any or all of these things!

My GeekyLink today is just to tell you that if you missed the solar eclipse today, don’t wait for pictures on the news.  Go to twitter #eclipse and check out some awesome pictures by regular folks.  So pretty and awesome!


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  1. Oh, wow! Another must try!

  2. What a crazy idea! I love avocados….I wonder if I would like them fried? I bet Jason would!

  3. Lovin’ your fries! Thanks for trying them out 🙂

  4. Jennifer Adomeit

    Damn girl those fries look good! i would love love love to try them the next time we hang out 🙂

  5. NB Older Brother

    Um, excuse me, are these fried avocados???

  6. Oh holy crap!!!! I must have these!!!


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