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Harry Potter Birthday Party

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So all last week was party prep for my soon to be (a few more days) 9 year old.  We had a heck of a Harry Potter party!  I don’t see how some people have the time to make themed food too because everything else took me so long.  However, if I had gotten started earlier than the week of then maybe things might have been different.  This was her first party in awhile because being born on Memorial Day and her birthday always falling around that time, people are usually out of town so we end up just getting some of the extended family together and going to the movies.  Men in Black III just wasn’t that big of a draw.  Don’t get me wrong, we probably will see it but it wasn’t birthday party worthy.  If the Avengers had waited till Memorial Day weekend, well, this would be an entirely different post and my daughter knows it.

Cockroach Clusters, surprise hit of the party!

She had been trying to decide between Harry Potter and the Hunger Games (she has read both series and seen the movies) but my nephew brought up a good point that the first Hunger Games movie had just come out and there are still two more to go so she will have plenty of time still to have a Hunger Games party if she is still so inclined.  As it was I could barely find any Harry Potter paper goods at the party stores.  However, what I could find was 75% off so…SCORE!  Once the theme was totally decided on, I spent lots of time Googling and on Pinterest.  What would I do without it?

The first thing I tackled was the house ties.  I got the idea from The Brilliant Crafty Type.  The only thing was that they didn’t include was a template for the tie itself, so most of my time on these was spent measuring a somewhat symmetrical tie.  On the whole it was really very easy, just measuring and cutting.  Plus, I already had half of the felt colors (which are really cheap anyways if I didn’t) and the pin backs.  I was only expecting 8 kids so I made 12 ties (3 of each house color) so everyone would have more of a fair shake in the sorting process.

Next up was the chocolate frog boxes.  This was easy in that you could print it out and you are done.  However, the cutting out with the exacto knife, scoring the edges that you need to fold, folding, and taping were quite a bit time consuming overall.  I decided then that I would only make 8 and stick them in the goodie bags (or goodie cups as it turned out).

My favorite thing was up next!  I had already made my daughter a wand for this past Halloween when she was Hermione, so all I needed was 7 more.  I found this tutorial on how to make a wand from paper and I got 7 wands that I was very proud of.  Here again though, I already had most of the paint (I did break down and buy silver and gold metallic) and the glaze.

The rest of the prep was just printing out paper for signs and making/buying candy for my Honeyduke’s Sweet Shoppe.  I had Honeydukes, Sorting Hat, and Olivander’s signs.  I also printed out some cupcake decorations.  I found a Harry Potter Font to use for some of my signs.  I made chocolate frogs (thank you to Princess Tiana, I already had a frog mold) and Cockroach Clusters.  I bought sugar quills (pixy stix), jelly worms (sour jelly worms), licorice wands (licorice), candy snitches (Ferrero Rocher, for the grown ups), and of course Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.  I also made homemade butterscotch to use in my daughter’s Butterbeer frosting and for the Butterbeer itself (Just mix one heaping tablespoon of butterscotch with cream soda, it will foam up as you mix and is really good.  I would post my variation on the frosting recipe if I hadn’t messed it up and put too much confectioner’s sugar in it.  It would have been post worthy if not for that.

I didn’t have the foresight to print the Sorting Hat sign on card stock so I had to tape it to the couch in order for it to stand up.

Since it was mostly older kids, they played a Harry Potter word scramble game and character naming.  I just googled Harry Potter games, looked under images, and came up with a few.  I did play a lame form of quidditch as well, for a prize.  All in all, the kids seemed to have a good time.  The most important thing, I know my daughter did.  She even insisted on wearing her Gryffindor tie (that she got sorted into fair and square) to school today.

And to keep the theme going What I have learnt… from Harry Potter is my GeekyLink for today.  If you haven’t looked on Pinterest or Tumbler for Harry Potter pics and stuff, you are missing out.  There is some awesome stuff out there.


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  1. I’ve been longing to do a Harry Potter-themed b-day party! My girls are still a bit too young for it. Maybe I’ll do it for my own birthday. Ha!

  2. Brilliant concept! Lucky kids.

  3. Everything looks great! You did a fantastic job…wish I was a child so I could have my own HP Party!


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