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Sundays with Joy/Strawberry Cookie Dough Ice Cream

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This is for all those people out there in the world that thought cookie dough bits of goodness were only for vanilla ice cream.  YOU FOOLS!

For our sixth week of Sundays with Joy, we tackled something I have never made before on my own, ice cream.  The only memories I have of making ice cream as a kid involve my siblings and I eating the rock salt and my parents doing nothing to stop it.  I also have another vague recollection of making ice cream and rock salt but it involves Reese Witherspoon and Jason London so it may not be my own.

Custard and a Cookbook

I did change the recipe a bit partly because some in the group had a little trouble with it and partly because I completely boiled my eggs in my first attempt.  Ooops.  So I switched things around a bit.  I made my custard with only one cup of milk and added all of the ingredients that Joy has us put in the eggs and put those in the milk as well.  I also cooled my custard first in a chilled bowl without adding the cream and vanilla for about two hours, whisking to help cool it every half hour.  I then added two cups of heavy cream along with the vanilla and continued to chill until ready to use.

The pretty color it becomes after adding the vanilla and cream.

You know what else my siblings and I used to do?  Make eggless cookie dough, just for us to eat raw.  I say “I” but it was mostly my brother (I was the baby, they totally corrupted me).  Joy has that in here as well.  If I was going to eat it raw I would add a bit more flour (she does have THE perfect recipe here), I think she was making it to be a bit soft so it wouldn’t freeze too hard in the ice cream.

Again, though, Joy has me out of my comfort zone this week in a good way.  As always, if you want to make this you NEED to buy this wonderful cookbook!  I borrowed the ice cream maker I used and I am now tempted to buy one.  It is simply making the custard, cooling it, and putting it in the ice cream maker.  Now a days, those things do the work on their own!  No more rock salt.  It even makes sorbet!  I did almost buy one, they are on sale at Costco for one more day but I can’t justify it to the husband.  My girls’ dance recital is coming up and that just sucks up all the extra money and plus he is going to be on vacation in a few weeks and he actually wants to do stuff with us so I am supposed to leave us money for that.  It is not his fault, I didn’t really want one till now.  But my birthday is coming up soon so…

My new future toy churning up some goodness!

Speaking of my birthday, we don’t have a date for Doctor Who’s return as of yet but it should be sometime around my birthday or just a bit after, so yay!  One of my GeekLinks this week is regarding the new companion.  Here is a picture along with the name of her character.  I am disappointed it is a young female (I really wanted a boy) but at least she is a brunette!  I also have one other Link that is book related.  Apparently, I have another book nerd in the house!  While I spent lots of time and energy trying to get my oldest to read, she still didn’t advance much in that area till she got to school.  My middle child just taught herself how to read and she doesn’t start kindergarten till the fall!  This delights me to no end, however, I am kind of bummed that now she is too advanced for these BabyLit Classics for Pre-Schoolers.  Super cool!


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  1. Strawberry cookie dough. Genius. ❤
    I have an ice cream maker, but we almost never use it, because I am always convinced it will be a big ordeal. Might be time to reconsider … 🙂

  2. Looks great! Glad you had someone you could borrow an ice cream maker from 🙂

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s fun out here 🙂 And hey, a fellow Doctor Who fan! Awesome!

  4. Whoa! I’ve never had strawberry cookie dough ice cream. Looks awesome. I want it. Right now. Like, RIGHT now.

  5. Your icecream turned out great! I passed on this weeks recipe because I had just made oreo ice cream…maybe in a few weeks it will happen! LOL

    • Thanks! My son proclaims that this is “his” ice cream so maybe I did make something different just for me. Since I borrowed the ice cream maker, I think I went a little crazy.


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