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Sundays with Joy/Espresso Granita with Sweet Lemon Cream

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Loved, loved, loved this recipe!  Mostly because it reminded me of the Coffee Vanilla Ice Cream Pie but was way easier.  Sure it would have been awesome if I had some of that crust to sprinkle on the top but that is just splitting hairs.  I used the option in the recipe to use strong coffee and still added some espresso powder to it.  I also used just a smidge more sugar than Joy did.  Hey, I know how I like my coffee.  Strong and sweet!

I whipped this up early this morning, using over half of the coffee than I would normally drink in the morning.  So it was nice, once it was finished, to be able to get my daily intake.

Lemon sugar

One of my favorite things about this recipe is that if you are busy (say editing photos for a blog post) and your granita begins to melt, you can drink up the icy goodness!  And since you made it as a granita and not coffee, you can forgive yourself for having an iced coffee with buttloads of heavy cream in it.  “No, I didn’t put a dollop or two of lemon cream in my coffee.  I put it on top of my granita.”

This recipe was lovely to bite into and even lovelier cause you get to drink up the melty bits.  I still wish I still had some crust to sprinkle on top though.  Also, I had made something similar to this lemon cream in an earlier post.  The biggest difference that this cream is whipped into soft peaks.  Something I don’t normally do since I usually end up frosting with it, but looks so pretty.  As usual, if you would like the recipe, please buy the cookbook.  Also, if you want to see the rest of our group’s interpretations and creations please check out Indigo Scones who is hosting the links for this week.

I don’t have any traditional GeekyLinks today.  I still have some previews from Comic Con and such but mostly I want to say that if you missed it, the best way to catch up with it goes beyond blogs, and links, and previews.  I had the best time this year keeping up with Comic Con just from pictures of regular people like me posting on Twitter and Instagram.  Just using a hashtag (either #SDCC or #SDCC2012 or those along with another hashtag with something you want to see, say your favorite show #fringe) I got to see so much of what I wanted.  Pictures of things that I would have taken pictures of if I had gone.  Pictures that weren’t fed to me but were real.  Did you know that there were religious protesters all over Comic Con?  I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the pictures that I searched for on my own.  Take a look.  It was fun and enlightening.


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  1. A lovely post indeed! I agree, some of that meringue crust would’ve been a stellar addition.


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