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Sundays with Joy/Cheddar, Chive, and Jalapeño Biscuits

This was one of those recipes that I bookmarked inside Vroman’s bookstore waiting for Joy to speak.  It was one of two that jumped out at me because they were perfect for my husband.  The other was Baked Chili Cheese Fries, which we get to do in two weeks!

These biscuits…I mean, I don’t eat “hot stuff”.  I will cook with peppers of almost any kind but I don’t really eat them.  I am a picker.  Yup, I pick all that stuff out.  But I do like the flavors so I figured I would go with the recipe as is and try not to be a big baby.  They were SO buttery and flaky.  I still picked out a few jalapeños but only when I ate the biscuit by itself.  The cheese was amazing.  Why cheese isn’t a requirement for all biscuits is beyond me.


I wanted it as a breakfast for my husband and made him some biscuits and gravy today.  Tomorrow, I think I am going make him a breakfast sandwich. You should have seen the look on his face when I walked upstairs and gave him his breakfast.  I only make breakfast on the weekends and sometimes not even then, and when I do it is usually pancakes, waffles, or french toast because that’s what the kids like.  A completely savory breakfast for daddy is the rare occasion (not counting breakfast for dinner nights).  So I make up for it by making sure that on his birthday and Father’s day he gets his favorite, eggs benedict.  He didn’t care that the reason he was getting served breakfast was for purely my selfish blogging reasons.  He was getting a purely savory breakfast just for him.  I even picked him up some orange juice.  As it is every Sunday, please buy Joy’s wonderful cookbook for the recipe and check out Bakeaholic Mama for a few other takes on the recipe.

Yeah, we are back to Doctor Who for my GeekyLinks today people.  And you’d better get used to it because the new season is starting in a week and I am trying to plan my trip for Gallifrey One next year.  And I am not going to stop talking about it until every last person is a Whovian and I have evidence that I might be succeeding (one friend said that she might check it out)…so we shall proceed.  First off, Pond Life will premiere tomorrow on BBC One and run for five days with mini episodes showing the struggle of being a newlywed and a friend (well, inlaws) of The Doctor.  Also, Rory Pond (AKA Rory Williams, Rory the Roman, the Last Centurion, the Boy Who Waited) and MY FAVORITE is going to be at Gallifrey One this year.  So yeah, I am buying my tickets this week.  Second, I will not stop talking about Doctor Who because I am not alone in my quest to turn everyone into a Whovian.  Chris Hardwick tweeted the other day, “We have a RESPONSIBILITY to sire new Whovians!” along with a pretty funny video and a challenge.



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