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Sundays with Joy/Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookie

I know, I know…late again but this time, besides life, I was swept away by sci-fi and you’re all going to her about it…

Friday was the season premiere of the last season of my beloved Fringe.  The show itself is changing, because of a shortened season, from a procedural with a background mythology (a la The X-Files) to a serialized show that will hopefully wrap up the mythology portion of the story.  I thought the premiere was awesome and I am so excited for the rest of this final season.  It is worth checking out the show purely for this underrated cast’s stellar acting (I’m looking at you John Noble and Anna Torv)!  Many of them have played a few different “versions” of their original characters, with the BEST results!

Saturday, my daughter and I had to deal with an ending on another of our favorite shows.  After soccer and a family party, we came home and caught up on the last episode of the “Ponds” aka Amy and Rory Williams on Doctor Who.  While I love the Ponds, I would agree that it was time for them to move on.  I did have one criteria for their exit, though, and it was met by the show so I was not disappointed.  For me, the most devastating exit was Donna’s.  I just couldn’t have anything like that again.  However, I wouldn’t really have cared if Rory or Amy had to forget the Doctor.  SPOILER ALERT:  In truth, I didn’t really care how they left the Doctor, I just wanted them to be able to leave him together, even if they had died.  So they kind of gave us a few endings (time paradoxes and all) but the final one, the fixed point, was one I could deal with.

That brings me to Sunday when I just HAD to watch them both again (and cry at both again) and I didn’t start making my cookies until the late afternoon.  We just had leftovers that day so these pretty much ended up being my dinner.  My girls had gone to bed before they were done but my son had three (he snuck one, or at least he thought he did) before he went to bed.

I really loved how they turned out.  There was not too much spice to overwhelm them, just enough to make you think you were eating an ordinary soft cake like chocolate chip cookie instead of a bit healthier sweet potato one.  It is kind of amazing.  I did use all white whole wheat flour instead of half and half like Joy suggests and they came out fine.  I also used mini chips because that was all that I had.  As always you can find the recipe in the Joy the Baker Cookbook.  Also, please check out some of our group’s adaptations on Bakeaholic Mama.


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My name is Celina. I am a wife and mother of three. I love to bake, go to the movies, read when I can and I am kind of a great big nerd. Just don't tell my husband.

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  1. That’s it! I’m making these tomorrow!!!

  2. Love the sweet potato in the cookie, I bet they are really moist and delicious.


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