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Sundays with Joy/Sweet Potato Pie with Easy No Roll Piecrust

Writing this on Thanksgiving morning after everything is baked, half of it is packed and I am still in my pajamas soon to get ready to go to my Uncle’s house in a few hours.  I actually made this pie last Saturday and am just getting to write about it now.  Even though I’m disappointed in myself for not getting to blog about this earlier I am pretty proud of myself for finishing up everything I wanted to make for Thanksgiving without any major baking fails.  There is a first time for everything.

Anyway, onto the pie.  The one thing I really really loved about this pie (except for the crust which is its own crowning glory) is the addition of coriander.  Yup coriander.  It really hangs onto the savory side of the sweet potato and helps to meld it to the sweet side of pie.  The filling is creamy and lovely and baked up amazingly well.  As with my favorite pumpkin pie recipe, it does have a little filling leftover to bake in a mini pie or ramekin all alone for you to stuff into your face privately.  That way when you can resist in front of family and friends, they think you have sweet superpowers.  The crust is just awesome!  Joy said to bake this pie in a 10 inch pie shell but I only had 9 inch and as such should have put some of the crust inside my ramekin to go with my extra filling but alas I didn’t and the crust was a little thick but plenty yummy.  I have made it once before, as it is on her blog and this time it came out much better.  I can tell I am getting the hang of this baking thing a little bit.  Most of this pie made it to my dad’s because I have been seriously negligent in bringing him the things I have been baking lately.  He did get half a sourdough on Saturday (the first one in my family to get any) and even though half is kind of lame it is all I could spare.  That is the one thing that bugs me about sourdough.  It takes time.  Unless I make a gallon of sponge, it is going to be awhile before everyone gets a loaf while I still make them for home to go with dinner or sandwiches.

My personal sweet potato pie ramekin.

Don’t forget to check out Bakeaholic Mama for the other variations and pictures.  And please don’t for get to buy Joy’s fantastic cookbook.

My GeekyLink this week, well, moves us onto Christmas.  My brother just sent me this fantastic link of 10 Gifts You Should Get Your Daughter This Christmas.  While I do like the idea of Science kits I don’t know if I could get my oldest into the idea of a perfumery one or a spa one.  The books are great but my favorite, their #1 Goldie Blox™ is the one I really want for my girls but it isn’t available till April (Christmas fail).  It teaches them about spacial reasoning with the hope of jump starting an interest in engineering.  My oldest has been flirting with that whole idea (thank you NASA!) and even though they look more appropriate for my five year old, it is one of those things that my oldest would think was babyish, she would see her younger sister playing with it, and would immediately take it over.  I guess it will have to wait for Easter.

Happy Thanksgiving, I gotta hop in the shower now.


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