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Sundays with Joy/Orange Gingerbread Squares with Cream Cheese Frosting

The quest for this cake began early last week when one of our group had an overflow making this cake and the group was trying to figure out what went wrong (if anything) in this fabulous concoction.  The group determined that pretty much it was just the variance in depth of pans and such.  So I was good to go.  My 8×8 pan has two edges that come out too, so I figured if there was any spillage, it would most likely rest on those edges and not spill over.



Well, I was wrong.  I didn’t have a big spill at all but any spill in an oven needs to be taken care of right away or else SMOKE EVERYWHERE!  Unfortunately for me, the minute or two it took to carefully pick up the spill resulted in a deflated cake.  I saw it.  It was all nice and baking and as I go to close the oven door when I was done with the spill, I saw my middle sink.  And then so did my heart.  There was no doubt I was going to make it again because well, this particular cake just looks perfect and takes the most perfect picture.  I wanted that opportunity.  Then after I took my ruined cake out of the pan well of course I nibbled.  My idea of the kind of cakes I like would NEVER be the same.  My Top 5 took a turn.  This is just an impossible cake not to love.

...and curiouser...

…and curiouser…

Let me tell you, while making this cake I was VERY skeptical.  The dough is super dark.  The molasses made it smell funny.  Honey, and sugar, AND molasses?  I made a few faces.  I harbored some doubt.  Even with the icing I wasn’t too sure because I don’t really like cream cheese icing but I had skipped it before for the Zucchini Cream Cheese Pound Cake so I figured I’d better go all in.  I really cannot express to you how glad I am that I did.  On the one hand with baking and receiving cookies for the Cookie Swap so I am chock full of cookies right now, I should skip the cake.  But I just can’t.  The cake has a spice that is so spot on and with the frosting?!  Oh my goodness!  This is one of those cakes where you take your fork down the side of the cake for that perfect bite because it is there EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Joy really should call this cake the Perfect Bite Cake.  It just is.



My only issue was that I didn’t have quite enough orange zest for the second cake.  I only had about half left of what the recipe called for.  But don’t worry it is great either way however I did enjoy the cake with the correct amount of zest a bit more.  It really makes the cake sing.  Yes sing.  Also, if you are worried about spillage just eyeball it and if your batter comes up more than halfway up the sides of your pan well then stop pouring and put the rest in another small pan to bake along with the 8×8.  If you would like this incredibly fantastic recipe, please buy Joy’s eye opening cookbook!  This week our link roundup is going to be over at Indigo Scones so check out everyone’s adaptations and pictures of the cake that is just screaming to be photographed.

My GeekyLink today is going to be all about Fringe.  Last week they had a Wrap Party (with pictures and Seth Gabel!) for the series and to celebrate its 100th episode.  I only have about 45 days left till the finale on January 18th.  I am in super bummed mode because there hasn’t been a new episode in two weeks.  Luckily there will be one this Friday but with the end looming and my lack of current episodes, I just don’t know what to do with myself.  Oh yeah, watch old episodes of Fringe on the Science Channel, right!



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  4. This cake looks delicious, particularly with the festive pomegranate! I


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