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Sundays with Joy/The Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

It was a sad, angry, and confusing last week.

The natural urge to spend time with my kids had just multiplied tenfold.  So on Saturday, after taking my daughter to her Christmas recital and party (while I got to sneak in some quality time with her brother and sister) it was time for me to put my money where my mouth was and spend some quality time with all my kids, doing something I promised them that we would do this season.  I promised we would take the wagon and walk to the big Christmas light displays in our neighborhood.  We had the BEST time.  Ok, fine walking there and walking through everything was magical, truly.  The walk back was all tired and cranky kids.  My nine year old wanted to skate there so her ankles were killing her and my youngest was bugging his sister in the wagon and kept standing up in it too.  What was nice was not worrying about driving somewhere and having to park your car or drive through a congested neighborhood trying to take everything in.

Hot Chocolate4

I decided that we would take cookies and this hot chocolate.  Of course, me being me, I still procrastinated and didn’t get to making the hot chocolate till after 6pm.  I decided to sacrifice my pictures and just pack up and go.  My girls are notorious for not liking hot chocolate.  I know it is just because they have never waited for it to be at the right temperature but it is hard to convince a kid to do that after they have just burned their tongue.  What was nice was that on our walk, once I thought the hot chocolate was just right, I gave it to my oldest.  I had never seen her smile after drinking hot chocolate before then ever.  I think I have a convert!

Christmas light watching supplies...

Christmas light watching supplies…

The cookies I was just lucky enough to have on hand.  I had made Joy’s Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies on Friday for my husband and mostly to keep me occupied on that particular day.  The sugar cookies I had made on Saturday morning as part of a gift for my daughter’s “Big Sister” at dance.  Whenever we got to a section of the neighborhood with a buttload of lights, I’d stop and hand out a cookie to each kid (and me).   Luckily only two sections have lots so I went prepared with 9 (I threw in an extra chocolate chip for good measure).  The hot chocolate I kept mostly for myself with a few sips for the eldest.  Yup the hot chocolate sure was Perfect.  It gave me the opportunity to have a wonderful holiday night with my kids, the likes of which I absolutely needed and hopefully that they appreciated.  If you’d like the recipe, you’ll have to pick up the Joy the Baker Cookbook (the recipe for the Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies is in there too!).

My GeekyLink for today is NASA Johnson Style a Gangnam Style Parody.  Teaches you a bit about the Johnson Space Center and a little bit about space all in one catchy tune!  Right up my nine year olds alley.

Hot Chocolate1

This mug isn’t pretty but it has my name on it and it was given to me by my mom when I was younger than my oldest is now. I love it!


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  1. What a sweet little outing with your children. 🙂
    I guess you’ll have to offer hot chocolate only when it’s at JUUUST the right temperature to convert the others. But hey… If you don’t, more hot chocolate for you, and less to carry everywhere. Could you really carry that much hot chocolate on that walk? 🙂

  2. You are such a wonderful Mom! What a great thing to do with your kids, love that time and yummy hot cocoa, what a treat! Nettie


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