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Sundays with Joy/Red Velvet Chocolate Marble cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

RedVelvetChocolateCreamCheeseFrostingWhen it rains, it pours.  I skipped an entire week, I know.  I hadn’t done it in awhile and I am sorry.  However, coming up, you are going to wish I would just shut it.

Today I have Joy’s lovely Red Velvet Marble Cake, then I have something for tomorrow, and this weekend is Gallifrey One!  I am spending the night this year!  This year I have a handful of twitter friends I am aching to meet.  This year I have an iPad and a hotel room with free wifi.  Now, I am not promising anything but I just may post during the weekend.  At least it is possible.  Whether or not I post this weekend, I am going to post next week with a big recap and lots of pictures!  Then, the next Sundays with Joy is really simple so I will actually post on time.  I have been working on some breads lately and by the time all that stuff is over and up I should be back on track with a recipe for one of those.


Another issue with my not posting is still figuring out that darn camera.  It is a good camera.  I should be using it.  I HATE IT.  I hate editing the photos I take with it.  Most of them end up in the trash anyway.  I need to start using it for stuff other than blog posts, maybe that will help.  I don’t know…  I think that having a few baking fails also put a damper on my blog content and its just made worse when you are in a photography rut.  I need to be posting.  I want to be posting!


Anyways, onto the cake.  Well, the marbling didn’t really work out for me.  I did swirl but I guess not enough.  To make matters worse, leveling my cake pretty cut in half the amount of chocolate cake I got.  O well.  As for the frosting, looking at the pictures I am sure you can tell that I didn’t sift my cocoa powder.  Rookie mistake, Celina.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of this cake only because I wasn’t in the mood for a lovely moist one.  I had been dreaming of this airy one that I made a few weeks before and was preoccupied thinking about what I could do with it. (Find out tomorrow!) So my head wasn’t clear.  I had just fallen in love with another chocolate cake so Joy’s didn’t stand a chance at being anything else but a rebound.  Also, I am not the biggest fan of cream cheese frosting either (especially with Joy’s Best Ever Chocolate Buttercream on the other page!) but it was on the schedule and I hadn’t made a chocolate one before so I wanted to do it.  I think the red velvet part turned out very well especially considering I hadn’t made one of those either.  Joy matched the texture of the different kinds of cakes perfectly.  As always you can find the recipes in Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes and please check out Bakeaholic Mama for the other variations.  I heard there were a couple of mini cakes!

My GeekyLink for this week is more like a warning…If you are not a Whovian you might want to avoid the site, my Facebook page, or my twitter feed for awhile.  Wait till after tomorrow of course but the week after that it is going to be all Who all the time.  So now can I whine that Sir Derek Jacobi and Arthur Darvill aren’t going anymore?  However, for some reason (because he has never been on the show) John Noble, yes, Dr. Walter Bishop from Fringe is going to be there?!  I don’t care why but I am THRILLED!



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My name is Celina. I am a wife and mother of three. I love to bake, go to the movies, read when I can and I am kind of a great big nerd. Just don't tell my husband.

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  1. That cake looks delicious! I have lost of sense of smell temporarily (due to a cold), and so it wouldn’t taste like anything to me right now, but I can imagine how lovely it must be!

  2. Your cake is beautiful, love the red velvet chocolate marble. Happy Valentines Day.


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