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Gallifrey One 2013, Day 1

Geez, I don’t know where to start.  This is probably the fourth or fifth time that I have started this post and now, as all of the kids are out of the house for a few hours, I have to get it done.  There is just so much stuff !  So how about we start off with this…


Right before we left and the coolest first thing we saw when we got there. O yeah, at Gally, cool begins in the parking lot.

Traffic was a bit lighter on the way this year but jeez, for someplace so close it sure takes awhile to get there.  We wandered around for a bit when we got there and showed my niece around for a bit.  She had been to the LAX Marriott before for another con but I wanted to show her where everything was set up at Gally.  Let’s just say even I was turned around a bit by Program E.  I thought it was in the room that the costume repair was set up in, so my niece (a cosplay fanatic) missed the panels I marked off for her that day.  Luckily, she found the room the next day and was very excited about what she got to hear.  I,on the other hand, went to my first panel of the con and left VERY upset.

Our best pictures of the day!

Our best pictures of the day!

It was called Partners in Crime (and don’t even get me started on the panel names, they were clever but very confusing) and it was going to be all about the Ponds.  One of the panelists, dressed up like Captain Jack Harkness (she made a very good one), basically didn’t buy the whole Rory/Amy relationship.  We all know Rory is too good for Amy, duh.  Does that mean Amy doesn’t love him?  I don’t think so.  Luckily, there was someone on my side, Stephen Prescott, host of A Mad Man with a Box podcast.  I spoke to him later to tell him thank you and I got a ribbon!  He appreciated the sentiment as well.  My main issue was their issue with how things wrapped up with them.  Okay, I’ll give you that the pregnancy thing was a plot device designed to show what she would give up for him, even if we didn’t buy it.  However, it’s not like she only loved him in the last season.  What no one brought up was one of the early episodes where she clearly chose Rory, “Amy’s Choice”.   Sure she treated him bad most of the time but as Mr. Prescott pointed out, and many of us know, there are plenty of relationships like that.  Also, the infertility plot device, although it could have been used better, was not totally off the mark.  It is just that most people are lucky enough not to experience it.  It took us four years to get pregnant.  There are things you don’t talk about.  Things that are settled.  Things as a couple you decide.  No one understands that except the couple going through it.  Could that plot point have been executed better?  Duh.  But was it totally unrealistic?  Not necessarily.

Cool stuff...

Cool stuff…

My displeasure with the Partners in Crime panel continued with the next panel that the three of us went to together.  It was Who Crack Video Track III, video clips compiled by the Five and Dime Fangirls.  It was great, just sitting there watching all these wonderful clips.  The girls really enjoyed it.  There was lots of laughing and clapping all around.  One clip in particular struck me, when Amy first sees Rory after emerging from the Pandorica.  She jumps on the man.  She LOVES him!  Grrr….  Anyways, they had lots of great stuff.  A few I had seen and a very nice Martha Jones compilation.  They named her their Gal of the Year and we got a ribbon that says so.

We didn’t have anything set for awhile so we went to the car and had lunch that I had brought.  We did some shopping.  We also did a bit of Wibbly Wobbly Words, the Gallifrey 2013 Challenge for this year.  It was a bit harder than last year’s challenge but we ended up only needed help with two.  That is where my Twitter friends came in.  I met SO many.  I did miss a couple but there is always next year.  I really liked them too.  Sometimes it could get awkward but mostly it was awesome and fun.  The girls even had a favorite of mine.  They even made friends of their own too.  They met someone so cool she invited them the next day to sit down and watch that morning’s season ending My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic episode (which ultimately was a BIG disappointment to my girls).

Next up for me was Between the Cracks 2013, a Star Trek panel.  Yup, cause I’m a Trekkie too.  Larry Nemecek, had just the best pictures and stories.  It was fun and fascinating all at the same time.  What more could you want?

Only two stalker pics that day.  Mark Sheppard (sigh) and Chloe Dykstra (who I can only assume was working for the Nerdist Channel that day with camera crews all around).

Only two stalker pics that day. Mark Sheppard (sigh) and Chloe Dykstra, as Clara, (who I can only assume was working for the Nerdist Channel that day with camera crews all around).

After that we went to our hotel which was about two blocks away.  I am NOT doing that again next year.  Although, I really liked my hotel, it was too far to walk (at least at night) and I don’t even want to think about how much money I wasted on parking (OK, around $30 in two days!).  Next time, I am either staying at the Marriott or at one of the hotels directly adjacent to it.  There are three, I wrote their names down and I will be prepared for next year.  We chilled out a bit, charged our devices, my niece got changed, we picked up Taco Bell, and went back for the evenings festivities.  This was kind of what I was waiting for since last year we were on our way home at that time.

First we went to Charlie Ross’ show Geek Like Me.  It was your standard comedy show with some Doctor Who thrown in.  At one point, towards the end, Charlie Ross sings Rocky Horror’s Science Fiction/Double Feature as a Doctor Who song and the best thing in the world happens…the Sonic Screwdrivers come out!  Red, green, blue…my daughter was horrified that she had left hers from last year at home.


Sonics out in full force!

After that was an improv show that my niece stayed to watch and LOVED and Angela and I went to Carnival of Monsters and karaoke.  Carnival of Monsters was super fun.  You’d play for tickets and if you had so many tickets you could enter them into a raffle for prizes.  One big prize being a membership for next year.  It took awhile to compile that much but even though Angela had a tough time at the rest of the games, she rocked at the Feed the Beast Below game.  I tried to get a seat at a poker table but only found one at a blackjack table.  It was nice just sitting and talking and hanging out with people.  The girls mostly stayed in the karaoke room.  They really loved it.  Once the raffle was over and we didn’t win anything, we left and went back to the hotel.  Angela didn’t even change out of her clothes before she passed out.

The next day would be a rollercoaster of emotions…


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