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Gallifrey One 2013, Day 2

Saturday started out great!  Despite going to sleep around 2 am, I was chipper and up not too long after 7.  Breakfast at our hotel was much better than expected and we packed up, checked out and were back at the Marriott well before 9:30 which was when I was hoping we’d make it.  Neowhovian and her #Tardispod pals were having their meet up then and I wanted to check out all the cosplay.  Once inside though, I made a strategic move to get in line for a Freema Agyeman autograph.  I figured I’d wait now, before any programming started instead of waiting during a panel I might have wanted to go see.  The girls went on to the meetup and met all these great people!

My niece is a HUGE fan of cosplay.  It meant so much to her to be included.

My niece is a HUGE fan of cosplay.  It meant so much to her to be included.  Photos courtesy of Angela.

While I was waiting I got to talking to some great people I was sitting with.  Everything was super pleasant and lazy because again, programming wasn’t to start for a half hour or so and then I almost had a heart attack.  My eyes settled on John Noble!  Anyone that reads this blog knows what a Fringie I am.  I knew he was going to be there but catching him out amongst everyone was unexpected and I got all fangirly.  And you know what I do when I get fangirly?  I take my stalker pictures.

Freema, John, Dalek, and Dan have been stalked!

Freema, John, Dalek, and Dan Starkey…you have been stalked!

Once the line started moving I had the girls meet up with me in line so they could meet Freema.  They got there right in the nick of time.  I didn’t even get the autograph for me, but we got to meet Freema for it and that’ll be worth giving away the autograph.  I got it for a friend who is a big Tenth Doctor fan and I made sure the picture had him in it.  I told Freema this then she smiled and sighed, “David, David, David.”  It was SO cute.  She told us we looked great and then we were on our way.  I wanted to take both girls to the panel I had waited all weekend for, Trial of a Time Lord.  Not only did it sound like a great panel (discussing how each of the actors that have played the doctor have informed the character, that whole evolution through each, and how fans react to that) but it was the only panel that had two Traveling the Vortex guys on it.  We get in there and it is standing room only so we find a spot against the wall.  My daughter sits at my feet and huffs (she doesn’t “get” the panels yet).  I am listening for a minute or two when I notice her rifling through her purse.  I look down and she mouths the words “I can’t find my iPod touch.”  At that moment I am SO upset.  Not so much about her device, I mean, I didn’t buy it for her and it sucks for her but you’re telling me I HAVE TO LEAVE THIS PANEL?  Of course I did, I’m the mom first, nerd second.  I tried my best to calm her too because I didn’t want it to ruin the day.

Gally2.3The next few hours were spent intermittantly doing stuff we wanted and 10 minutes of every hour checking and rechecking the lost and founds and checking and rechecking Find my iPod.  I knew it would have to be picked up and brought upstairs before it could get a good enough signal to be found that way so we were hoping someone would just turn it in before we had to leave that afternoon.  I was confident we’d get it back (and we did), I just didn’t want to have to drive back to LA to do it (we had to).

Gally2.4The next thing I remember was making it to Room D for most of the Tooth and Claw panel.  Which was about how to make your mark on the Doctor Who fandom doing whatever it is you do (blogging, podcasting, sewing, writing) and how to go about it.  After another iPod delay, I convinced Angela to join me for the Invasion of the Dinosaurs panel.  A panel, like last year’s that I loved so much, devoted to the mixing and matching of old fans versus new fans.  This time I remembered to bring a pen and paper and wrote down some episode names.  I only wish they’d addressed another reason some new Who fans don’t get into the older stuff.  It is just the  overwhelming Doctor Who content that is out there.  There is not only decades worth of Doctor Who episodes but the audio content is a big deal too.  I guess just baby steps…?


I went upstairs to give blood for one more chance at a membership for next year, and well to give blood.  The girls went to a comic book panel and a NASA panel.  Angela was upset though because she couldn’t see the screen in that room.  Then we met up for our picture with Freema.  John Noble had to cancel pictures but I already had my autograph and money back at the end of the day was a nice proposition.  The girls were getting tired and cranky so they opted for the video room and I went to A Good Man Goes to War, with Vortex Shaun.  It was basically an in depth look at Stephen Moffat’s handling of the show thus far.  I went up and introduced myself quickly to Shaun but had to run because Freema was speaking next in the big room and I wanted us all to go.  Again, standing room only with the girls sitting on the floor.  It was a lovely interview.  I was glad we stayed for the whole thing.  It was time to go after that and it was just as well, the girls and I were exhausted and hungry.  Although, I know we all thought of the night before and how much fun we had and how we’d be missing it that night.  That was definitely our favorite part.


Our haul.

Our haul.

I was supposed to meet my most Awesome twitter friend at Gally, but she moved to Pennsylvania the week before.  Her (wonderful, awesome, lovely!) mom gave me these cupcake Tardis earrings for Christmas that I wore all weekend.


I love the panels and all the Who talk and all the stuff and all the podcasters and bloggers and celebrities but the BEST thing about Gallifrey One is THE PEOPLE!

The last day of Gally I didn’t attend but on that day discovered that my cousin is a big Doctor Who fan and might come with us next year!  Also, I got to hold my baby cousin for the about the second time in almost six months because I had been sick every other time.  That made missing the last day totally worth it.


Favorite ribbon that I got, “I’m the clever one.  You’re the potato one.”  Said in Matt Smith’s voice in my head every time.  And it’s Angela that ends up with the most!

Next year, I will tell everyone whose cosplay I like, “I like your cosplay.”  It should be said out loud if felt and is a great way to meet people.

Check the end tables all around the con.  I got a business card for Traveling the Vortex, information about a Harry Potter skate meet up, apparently there is a large science fiction museum at UCR that I need to check out, a paper print out so you could cut and fold and make your own 3-D paper tardis, and some info on an upcoming anime con for my niece.  LOTS of cool stuff!

I was appalled at the lack of Doctor Whooves stuff.  C’mon people!  Those worlds are collided in the best way, let’s move forward with it!

Who do I see when I pull up to pick up the iPod the day after Gally ended?

Who indeed.

Who indeed.


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  1. I was the tiny Doctor in the picture on the top left!!!!

  2. Great account of Gally! I was one of the “dinosaurs” on that Saturday panel; thanks for your comments. I have to say I was surprised that “which episode should I watch” came up quite so often. I was prepared to talk a bit more about fandom in ye olde days (I even brought some props: some print zines and con programs from the late 80s and early 90s), but I was happy to go with what the crowd wanted.

    The experience prompted a big idea that I started sketching out while on the flight home. I’m too busy for the next couple of months to publicly roll it out, but I have started working on it, and hopefully by some point later this year, there’ll be a resource for “which episode should I watch”…

  3. I’m kind of upset I didn’t make it to any of the panels… I spent most of the con in lines for autographs or photos, which I didn’t mind, since it was my first con ever. Also, Sylvester is such a sweetheart. Seeing him interact with little kids and be incredibly humble and nonchalant about everything was just great!

    • Lines are good too because that is the best time to talk to people. At least you got to stay overnight. My first con, last Gally, I could only stay for six hours!
      From what I saw, he WAS a sweetheart. He loved just mingling with the people. That was awesome to see!

      • His people were trying to get him to food or something between photos and his autograph session when he stopped to take a photo with some little girls. Then someone asked to take a photo with his life-sized Dalek. He was all “Sure! I don’t have anything to do until 5 o’clock!” and his manager or whatever was desperately trying to get him to have lunch.

  4. Big *squees* for your wonderful adventures!


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