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Sundays with Joy/Whole Wheat Honey and Goat Cheese Drop Biscuits

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These biscuits were a nice coming back to earth treat after a long and busy Spring Break.  I say busy but really we didn’t do much except get ready for Easter during the week before Easter and then get ready for Justin and Sarah’s birthday party the week after.  I am going to fill you in on some more of those two weeks in a later post (ahem, WonderCon anyone?) but for now (especially since I’m already late)…onto the biscuits.

First off, I love the way the cheese, butter, and whole wheat flour play into this biscuit.  Those are definitely the flavors in this biscuit.  There is honey in the biscuit but the honey that Joy suggests you brush across the tops of these babies?!  Well, that just makes for a whole new ball game and sets these biscuits over the top.  I never understood why people put honey on their biscuits.  I saw my dad do it for years.  I mean KFC gives it to you FOR your biscuits and I still never “got” it, never tried it.  Joy asks me once, I oblige, and of course I am completely smitten.

The dough was super easy to make.  I dropped it from an ice cream scoop onto the warmed, buttered cast iron skillet and baked. It was super easy.  I left my honey out on top of my stove to warm it up a bit and I brushed it on before the biscuits had completely cooled.  Once cool, I grabbed one, and biscuit eating for me was forever changed.  Thanks, Joy!  Please buy her cookbook.  When I think of all the things I would never have eaten if not for this book, I am SO grateful.  Don’t forget to check out variations on Bakeaholic Mama.


My GeekyLink for this week is for anyone who knows how to code.  I have been trying to get my oldest interested in learning how to code and I think I just may have found a way.  There is now a NASA Contest to Help Robot Astronaut See.  While this is a great idea and all, the robot kind of creeps me out.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t want him on the same space station I was on.

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