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Sundays with Joy/Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

Okay, so its been awhile.  The thing is, I have totally been keeping up with my Sundays with Joy.  I just haven’t shared it with you.  I’ve also been working on some new stuff.  Not in earnest or anything, not to post, mostly because I really just gotta go at my own pace but things are coming along.  I’m working on a mash up of some favorite cookies, my Zucchini Herb Bread made a mini comeback without herbs and I’ve been contemplating a streusel topping for Joy’s Zucchini Cream Cheese Pound Cake so we’ll see what sticks first.  I did work on some streusel topped pies that I DO have the recipes for, I just gotta get them up.  Also, the “big” catalyst for not posting my Sundays with Joy was just that we were doing Oatmeal Raisin Pancakes that week and I made a big breakfast for the whole family so that I could have a big breakfast in my pictures especially since I overcooked my pancakes a bit that week.  So my husband goes off to work that Sunday and I get ready to take my pics with my “set aside” food for my shoot.  Seriously, I go upstairs to get some props (which I organized nicely during my hiatus) and my daughter (the SUPER picky 6 year old) eats my “prop” sausage!  I took the pictures but I just couldn’t get what I wanted.  I was just, ugh.  So I didn’t post that week and it just continued…

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

Halloween also didn’t help but I want to do a post on that later.  I gotta show you the best sewing I’ve ever done in my entire life and even though I know it still kinda sucked, my 10 year old thought I was a rock star (for about a minute).

Onto these muffins…

ChocolateChocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

I’ve enjoyed the Sundays with Joy that I haven’t posted about but seriously this was definitely the one to come back with.  The husband liked it and if it isn’t chocolate chip cookies or plain rice krispie treats, he balks when it comes to complements and could seriously take or leave the sweet stuff I make.  He had a good handful of these over last week along with the picky eater so yeah, this was a good one.  Also if you are wondering how the muffin holds up to a quick warm up in the microwave, all I have to say is that is 15 seconds not wasted.  It is definitely muffiny and NOT cakey, in the best way which had been a concern for me.  Also, Joy says this makes 12 muffins but I got 14 so that was nice.  Don’t forget if you want the recipe to buy Joy’s Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes.

Chocolate ChocolateChocolate Chip Muffins

Oh, and this was the first recipe where I was able to take pictures using my brand new hand me down awesome camera! Yes, unfortunately any back posts will be with crappier pictures than this but new ones will be SO purty. I’m excited.

My GeekyLink for today is all about Doctor Who.  Today brought the ‘Doctor Who’ Mini Episode ‘The Night Of the Doctor’ along with An Adventure in Space and Time trailer.  An exciting morning of squeeing for me around here.  However, in order to plan properly for the 50th you’ll need the Nerdist website’s Full DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Week Schedule on BBC America.  It is SO going to be a major big deal around here.  The day of the 50th (Nov. 23rd) is also the start date of My Little Pony Season 4 and my girls are super excited.  So far the plan is for some sort of an Apple Jack pancake for the morning, apple cider, Tardis Cupcakes for dessert and well…that is it so far but we are still planning.  A little over a week to go so I need to nail it down but mostly we’re gonna have a great day regardless of the food.  OUR SHOWS are on!

Sundays with Joy/Peach Cobbler Muffins

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Nectarine CobblerMuffins via NerdyBaker.wordpress.comSo even though we were supposed to make Peach Cobbler Muffins and I titled my post as such, I totally used nectarines.  I was actually planning on mixing peaches and nectarines and only bought nectarines because I knew I had peaches at home but then I got home and found that I actually only had nectarines.  Whatever…

Nectarine Cobbler Muffins via

Even Joy’s title for these is a little deceiving.  She actually forgets to mention that these are brown butter Peach Cobbler Muffins.  Are you drooling yet?  Yes, they are just as good as they sound.  I seriously had to set aside the three in my pictures or there were not going to be any left to take pictures.  They were so good I sent some to my dad for his birthday along with some Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.  As always, if you’d like a copy of the recipe please buy the Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes.

My GeekyLink for this week is Ten Geeked Up KitchenAid Mixers from  My favorite of course, is the Tardis design.  I found this article awhile back but figured it would fit in well today with all the Twelfth Doctor news (which I must say I am mostly pleased with).  It was always going to be an adjustment but I now I can start to see my way through it.  (Yes, I am still talking about Doctor Who)

NectarineCobbler Muffins

Sundays with Joy/Coffee Bacon

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CoffeeBacon2 via

Good morning!  I made you breakfast today.  Sure the eggs are overcooked but the biscuits are fresh and the coffee comes WITH your bacon.  I had heard of people making coffee bacon before.  I didn’t know what for.  I do now.  Oh, and baking the bacon in the oven?  I knew from years of food service that was the way to do it but I had sure forgotten how perfect perfectly cooked bacon can be.

Yo.  I made you coffee bacon on Saturday and I didn’t finish writing the post on it till today, Tuesday.  Which means I totally had to start over.  Mostly, just because I am a procrastinator but also I just think I am having some issues.  Things are going pretty well.  Now, I am not one of those “glass is half empty” type of people waiting for the other shoe to drop but it seems it is worse.  I am turning into a person on the precipice of change and maybe big good things but apparently I run, hide (procrastinate) and maybe even try to sabotage oneself from obtaining said things.  I don’t like it.  I don’t want to be that.  I need to focus on the blog, my future, my writing.  Of course all of that is easier said than done.  Hmm…

Anyways, onto to the bacon.


I love what Joy does here.  I think I would have enjoyed it more if I liked my coffee more.  I just recently switched to a stronger blend because my husband was begging me.  Every other ingredient in this bacon played perfectly but the coffee I used was just too strong for my taste.  I also think next time I’ll up the chili powder just a smidge.

So after I made breakfast and had a hard time eating the bacon plain, I went and made a BLT for lunch with the rest of my coffee bacon.  Um, Best Idea EVER?!  Yup, pretty much.  I used Greek yogurt instead of mayo and mixed it with pinches of salt, pepper, and garlic powder to spread on my bread and the rest is L&T.  So, if you’d like to make your own coffee bacon BLT or just some for breakfast please check out Joy’s cookbook.  Please also check out Bakeaholic Mama for our other variations.


My GeekyLink for this week is well me, kinda.  I did a review a week ago on iGameMom for Teach Me 3rd Grade which is part of a series of apps I love.  One of my other favorite reviews I did was for LEGO App4+.  That was super fun.  I have a new one coming this week but I’m not sure when.  I’ll link to it when it posts.  (Update: Here’s the link for  Toy Story: Story Theater!)   You could also just search for NerdyBaker on the site for my reviews but even though I’m a contributor I am always checking the site for apps I don’t review that I think are good for my kids.

Sundays with Joy/Whole Wheat Honey and Goat Cheese Drop Biscuits

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These biscuits were a nice coming back to earth treat after a long and busy Spring Break.  I say busy but really we didn’t do much except get ready for Easter during the week before Easter and then get ready for Justin and Sarah’s birthday party the week after.  I am going to fill you in on some more of those two weeks in a later post (ahem, WonderCon anyone?) but for now (especially since I’m already late)…onto the biscuits.

First off, I love the way the cheese, butter, and whole wheat flour play into this biscuit.  Those are definitely the flavors in this biscuit.  There is honey in the biscuit but the honey that Joy suggests you brush across the tops of these babies?!  Well, that just makes for a whole new ball game and sets these biscuits over the top.  I never understood why people put honey on their biscuits.  I saw my dad do it for years.  I mean KFC gives it to you FOR your biscuits and I still never “got” it, never tried it.  Joy asks me once, I oblige, and of course I am completely smitten.

The dough was super easy to make.  I dropped it from an ice cream scoop onto the warmed, buttered cast iron skillet and baked. It was super easy.  I left my honey out on top of my stove to warm it up a bit and I brushed it on before the biscuits had completely cooled.  Once cool, I grabbed one, and biscuit eating for me was forever changed.  Thanks, Joy!  Please buy her cookbook.  When I think of all the things I would never have eaten if not for this book, I am SO grateful.  Don’t forget to check out variations on Bakeaholic Mama.


My GeekyLink for this week is for anyone who knows how to code.  I have been trying to get my oldest interested in learning how to code and I think I just may have found a way.  There is now a NASA Contest to Help Robot Astronaut See.  While this is a great idea and all, the robot kind of creeps me out.  Let’s just say I wouldn’t want him on the same space station I was on.

Sundays with Joy/Carrot Cake Pancakes

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I made these last week and boy were they a treat.  It was a regular Thursday but I got to have these really awesome pancakes in the middle of the week for no reason (well, you know for the blog but my belly didn’t know that).  I just cannot tell you how much I enjoyed these.  They were so sweet and the cream cheese glaze just went perfectly.  I just halved the cream cheese and doubled the milk (I do think it was too much liquid).  It tasted great, looks like a foam, but holds up well and stays pourable for awhile yet stays put without crusting up like a standard glaze can.  I just felt a little less guilt about eating the frosting if it was pourable as opposed to spreading.  I still used the same amount of sugar!  I also used white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose in this recipe.

Overall, I would say the kids liked them.  My oldest, no question, LOVED them.  Can you believe I actually got the super picky one, the one that looks in her food to look for things she doesn’t like, to eat half of one after putting some syrup on it?  She did end up noticing the carrots but for her to eat that much of it before becoming suspicious is a really big deal around here.  My little one ate his fair share.  Let’s just say the plate in the picture wasn’t the end of my consumption of carrot cake pancakes that day either.

Carrot Cake

Also, with these and her Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes (also in the cookbook), I am becoming a BIG fan of raisins in my pancakes.  Who knew?  Check out Bakeaholic Mama for other variations.  Carrie has a cream cheese “syrup” that looks nothing like foam if you wanna check it out and someone else has made a chocolate glaze.  It’s the season for carrot cake and if you just want a taste without making a whole cake, I highly recommend giving these a try.

My GeekyLink for this week is well, Doctor Who, of course.  The Doctor comes back on Saturday so not only am I preparing for Easter, I am preparing for the day before as well.  I need to get all my Easter stuff prepped before the episode starts.  I usually watch as I DVR so that if the little ones interrupt an episode, I am covered.  Then I’ll watch again once they are asleep.  Then there is Gallifrey 2014 that sold out in less than a month.  I am so glad I was on the ball with that one!


Sundays with Joy/Toasted Coconut Dutch Baby with Banana and Pineapple

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Toasted Coconut Dutch Baby with Banana and Pineapple-nerdybaker.wordpress.comI made this WAY earlier in the week because I wanted this post to be on time but Friday I was writing an igamemom post, Saturday I was baking for my niece’s birthday, and Sunday was her party.  So…the post comes today.

That's 1/4 cup of butter we bake this in folks!

That’s 1/4 cup of butter we bake this in folks!

Anyways, this dutch baby was a LOVELY way to start the week.  It was one of the mornings that my baby had preschool.  I came right home and whipped this up.  The great thing about being alone to make something is well, for it being my first time making one, it took me no time at all.  I took uninterrupted pictures (well kinda, at that point it was getting close to pick up time so I had to speed it up).  But the worst thing, I was the only one home to eat it.  I usually make the kids wait to eat my stuff till after I take pictures but no one was home so I got to eat a piece first!  Plus, obviously, warmer is better.  My son did have a piece when he got home, though.

I used unsweetened coconut just because that is what I had on hand and aside from that I didn’t change a darn thing.  It looks like a complicated food but it was really quite simple.  I totally went with the whole wheat flour just like Joy said and I was not disappointed.  It went very well with the browned coconut.  I already have a variation I might want to try.  We’ll see.  I did try to make something for you this week and it didn’t go so well.  Out of the oven perfect but overnight, not so much, and it was supposed to be a snack that lasts a few days.  Back to the drawing board for that one…



Anyways to see other variations on this check out Ellen at Indigo Scones.  She has some great pictures of her dutch baby all puffed up.  I can’t believe I didn’t think to take pictures at that point!  It looks pretty cool.  Also if you’d like to try this buy Joy’s cookbook!

My GeekyLinks for today were this app I just bought and something a friend wrote.  The story of this app is that it helped a documentary filmmaker finish his movie.  It makes video look like it was filmed with actual film from like 20 years ago.  I have big plans for this one during the summer when the kids are playing in the yard.  The best thing about it is that you can mute the sound of whatever it is your taping which helps make your film believable as something from a bygone era.  I tried it with the kids talking but it was kinda weird.  My other link is for those of you that remember the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where people that were frozen and sent to space were picked up and “thawed” by the Enterprise.  First off, you’re awesome and you might want to read Waking Up in the Future.

A lovely (yet lonely) brunch if I do say so myself.

A lovely (yet lonely) brunch if I do say so myself.

Sundays with Joy/My Top 5 So Far

This week on Sundays with Joy was a catch up week.  We keep getting more and more people in our group and they need some time to catch up on a few recipes.  So I decided I would take the time and give you my top 5 recipes from the Joy the Baker Cookbook so far and why and with a few honorable mentions.

Number 5–Blueberry Orange and Almond Pancakes with Orange Maple Glaze

This recipe was one that I headed into with some trepidation.  It just seemed like so much for a little pancake to handle.  However, this recipe turned out to be a revelation.  All the flavors just went SO well together.  We had this for dinner initially and even my 9 year old was completely won over.

Number 4–Perfect Kettle Corn

I am wondering if this is low on my list because it is SO simple.  It made the list though, because it is simplicity at its finest: sweet and salty and quick and yummy.

Number 3–Chocolate Raspberry Fudge Pops 

I made these with banana chunks but I am sure they would have been just as great with raspberries.  I ate too many of these to mention and I LOVED every bite.  These are definitely going to be a summer staple treat for the kids.  Very simple, very yummy and the kind of treat that if the kids forget about them you may feel guilty for finishing them off but the moment passes quickly.

Number 2–Kale Spinach Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

I put this recipe high because no one believes me when I tell them that after a sip or two (to get used to the green in it), it turns into a FANTASTIC peanut butter banana smoothie.  The bonus is the charge of energy after you have finished it.  It tastes good, and is good for you.  It is a few more steps for me since I don’t like to use my blender but I have made this a couple of times since the first time and the extra steps are worth it!

Number 1–Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins

I actually made these muffins for the blog long before I joined this group.  This is one of the few recipes that Joy has on her blog and in her book.  These muffins are life changing and unbelievable!  The best blueberry muffin recipe hands down that the world has to offer.  For the top slot on this list, this was a NO BRAINER.

Honorable Mentions

Coffee Vanilla Ice Cream Pie–I love that this lasted so long in my freezer.  Even though, after the first time the crust was a little hard to get out of the pie pan (next time I won’t use glass, that should help) the crust was the best thing about this recipe.  I had never made a meringue crust before and the citrus in it played off the vanilla and coffee ice cream so well, I couldn’t even believe it.  Sometimes its the simplest things…

Chocolate Covered Coconut Macaroon Ice Cream–Even though it was a pain for me to make because I couldn’t get a hold of an ice cream maker, it was so worth it.  Up until this recipe, I tolerated coconut.  This recipe made me LIKE it.

I hope you like this list.  If you disagree or agree, let me know.  Do you have the cookbook yet?  What are your favorites?  Don’t forget this is just based on what we have made so far.  I have made one or two things that we haven’t blogged about and I may already have a contender for the next list.

My GeekyLink today has to do with food.  I must admit I throw whatever in my refrigerator drawers and don’t move the dial at all.  I wouldn’t know what I was doing.  Now I do.  From The Kitchn comes The Proper Way To Use Your Refrigerator Humidity Drawers.

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