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Biscoff Pretzel Rice Krispie Treats

Biscoff Pretzel Rice Krispie Treats2

Even though I’m really late for two Sundays with Joy (I already made one twice and changed it a bit), I decided to bring you the recipe that I made last week first.  It’s THAT good.  Once I began putting these together though, the whining began…

The hubs complaining about why I don’t ever make plain rice krispie treats.  It has happened before and I’m sure it will happen again.  He knew not to complain too much but I still got a grumble.  Other krispie treats I’ve made didn’t make him change his mind but these he had to admit were “pretty good.”  High praise indeed.

Biscoff Pretzel Rice Krispie Treats1 via

I however, am a sucker for sweet and salty and that is exactly the combo that these deliver.  Beware, if you are a sucker like me, you might eat most of the pan before you remember school has started and you can send them with your 10 year old to share.  They were a big hit at middle school.  Even my Sarah, who is still so picky she won’t eat half the sweets I make, ate a few mini squares with delight.

My GeekyLink for today is once again Frakker Lacquer.  I’m gonna tell you a secret.  I’ve been a nail biter as long as I can remember.  Cut to now, just two months after they launched and I am 6 out of 8 shades in and I love it.  I really friggin don’t like makeup (nail polish included, except for the fact that it helps me not look old).  I always thought of it as a waste of time and something I’d just rather not do.  Frakker Lacquer helps me see the fun in it.  36 years in, I’d NEVER seen makeup as fun until now.  The shades mean something to me so they are fun for me to wear.  I love that if people see my nail polish, they’ll see purple but I see the color of Mace Windu’s light saber and it makes me smile.  Coming soon is the Classic Comics Collection exclusively at Pittsburgh Comicon September 27th to 29th AND a Winter is Coming Collection in early October AND a Doctor Who inspired collection coming up after that as well.  Also, it is simply a really great polish that is fairly resistant to chips.  I have three kids, bake and clean lots and can go over a week without a single chip.  I love this stuff and now I have nails enough to at least scratch my husband the next time he whines about plain rice krispie treats.

Biscoff Pretzel Rice Krispie Treats

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Biscoff Pretzel Cookies

Sometimes the development of recipes comes easy, like my Mexican Chocolate Cookies. I was able to figure out how I wanted to adapt it, I tried it, and it turned out great! Others can take up to three times or so (luckily I haven’t gone past that, knock on wood) to get right like my Nutty Bar Cookies. This cookie was one of the latter. Don’t get me wrong, the ones that didn’t work were edible but with both attempts they were overall way too sweet. I changed tactics a bit and finally gotta cookie I was really happy with.

Now overall I am an optimist, that is why on the first two attempts I made full batches of cookies. After throwing out most of them, I became the pragmatist my parents raised me to be and on my third attempt I only made a half batch. It figures that’s the one that worked.   Also, I guess I had been slacking on bringing treats to my daughters’ dance studio so I ended up giving away about half of the cookies that I did make.

Whatever…I am going to make these again, and soon, and I am going to keep them all! Also, this is my second cookie recipe with pretzels in them and I have decided that there need to be more. I also want to thank Shutterbean and Joy the Baker for their wonderful and hilarious podcast that gave me the inspiration for these cookies. On one of the episodes a few months back, Tracy mentioned eating cookie butter (aka Biscoff spread depending on where you get it) with pretzels. Now, I was a newbie to cookie butter at the time, I was only eating it by the spoonful which actually ended up being much less than when I got stated with the pretzels. I am telling you now, DONT GET STARTED WITH THE PRETZELS! Just make some cookies.

Do not do this! If you find yourself doing this, put the pretzel down! Once you get started you cannot stop. You have been warned.

My GeekyLink for this week is The Walking Dead people!  I saw some new trailer this week but I can’t find it so I just put up the AMC link for the show.  You know what else comes with The Walking Dead?  Talking Dead, hosted by my favorite nerd woman crush, Chris Hardwick.  Another one of my favorite things that comes with The Walking Dead is the Watching Dead podcast from the guys at Bald Move.  I love these guys mostly just because they podcast about the best shows on TV: Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Justified, Breaking Bad, and  The Walking Dead (OK, so there was a short lived Jersey Shore podcast for awhile but everyone makes mistakes).  The only one of those shows I don’t watch is Game of Thrones and I was this close to watching once I found out these guys had a podcast around it.  They are critical but not mean (mostly) and love the shows but they are not by any means fanboys (except a bit with Breaking Bad).  Check them out, you won’t regret it. And have fun watching The Walking Dead on Sunday!

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