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Tea, Earl Grey, Shortbread Cookies

Ugh, although fall may bring with it the flavors of pumpkins, cinnamon, apples, and cranberries, it also brings with it the responsibilities of school, soccer, dance, homework, and doctors appointments.  In the summer, I could still fake dinner.  I didn’t have to have anything ready because anytime I could go pick up some stuff and start it.  Now, I have to plan everything because I have to be here at this time or there at that time.  I hate that.  That is the antithesis of my personality.

It turned out to be a really easy dough to work with.

I am the mom whose kids from the ages of 0-4 don’t know what a schedule is.  If you are napping and I want to go somewhere, I will wake you up.  If you are up late, guess what?  Mommy is too.  Like my mom before me, if we have the time and/or the money we will do something special just because.  Going to the park, the movies, driving to use our Knott’s passes, or simply letting everyone get their own Slurpee cause it is so darn hot are the best times I have with my kids.  Sometimes just spending a Saturday or Sunday afternoon playing Lego Harry Potter with my 9 year old makes life worth living for me.

Intellectually, I understand why the structure of school and after school activities is important.  My mom brain, though, just kind of wants to hang out with my kids and get to know them a little better.  I also had been avoiding making appointment my kids have needed for awhile because I was just trying to hold off the driving everywhere for as long as I could.  Unfortunately for me, that now means a three month wait for the dentist instead of the two week wait I am used to (seriously? what happened? grrr….).  Angela and I will probably get new glasses soon (after she casually mentioned that she lost them, then claimed they may be behind her desk), after Robert’s physical he will start preschool (yeah, I held off on that appointment for pretty obvious reasons: my baby, my last one, and preschool, ahhh!), and Sarah will have her first eye exam.

All of this won’t hinder the baking, but the blogging…we shall see.  I hope not.  I think I am going to have to get on a schedule, ugh.

My GeekLink for this week is more like a rant.  I don’t get why the organizers for The Star Trek & Sci-Fi Summit decided to have this shindig on the same weekend as Gallifrey One.  I guess they are trying to maximize the people they would get coming from out of town.  I don’t know.  I am pretty sure both shows have fan bases that overlap but neither fan base would want to miss anything either.  I know I wouldn’t.  I am super bummed because frickin Sir Patrick Stewart is going to be there. Unfortunately for him, Sir Derek Jacobi is going to win this round cause I am going to Gallifrey One.

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Tea, Earl Grey, Cupcakes with Lemon Scented Whipped Cream

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These beauties are for Anne Wheaton and those others that actually order tea with, “Tea, Earl Grey, hot,” in the manner of a certain Captain, and just receive a blank stare.  I don’t ever order tea when I go out, but if I did, that is how I would do it.  How sad that anyone might not get the reference.

Speaking of the above reference, did anyone else know besides the millions of people that follow certain other people on twitter (@wilw, @levarburton, @jonathansfrakes, @brentspiner) that the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation just reunited at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo held less than 3 weeks ago?  Now, sure, it was a big theatre, but as a huge Next Generation fan, why the heck wasn’t this thing televised or something?  Of course you can pretty much watch the whole thing online here or here and OK lots of other places but it would’ve been awesome to have seen it live.  I also really like this recap and this is pretty funny (make sure you scroll all the way down).

No, that is not fingerprints in the batter! What are you talking about?

I showed a picture from the reunion to my oldest daughter (I think it was this) and she didn’t know who the people were.  *sigh*  I think now is the time to begin to school her with episodes from Netflix.  I remember watching the series with my mom, her favorite was The Offspring, and now I can do that with my daughter.  I totally remember buying her that episode from our local Suncoast for a birthday or holiday or something (geez, I’m old).

The beginnings of lemon sugar.

So speaking of moms and tea, I think this cupcake would be really great for a Mother’s Day Tea!  If I had to do it over again, I would make the flavor just a bit milder by using plain milk or only putting one bag worth of tea leaves in the batter instead of two but really it is to your taste.  While I was eating the batter (yes, eating the batter), having used the tea steeped milk and two bags worth of tea, I thought the batter was AWESOME but after baking, I think going just a bit milder may have been better.

Um, if you need another GeekyLink after the above post, I want to be your best friend.

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