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Gallifrey One 2014 – Day Two

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Cut to Saturday morning where Doctor Whooves Equestria Girl was up at 6am only to go back to sleep till about 9am.  It didn’t matter, I had her costume to finish.  We didn’t get out of our room till about noon and really some of the best small panels are Saturday morning so I was kinda bummed but her costume turned out pretty fabulous.  I’ll save the details of that for when I get to finishing my post about her Halloween costume.  (I know, I know)  Both costumes are Equestria Girl cosplays, just different characters.  Doctor Whooves got ears and a tail though at the preteen’s request.

On the upper right, the "real" Dr. Whooves got to meet his Equestria Girl counterpart.

On the upper right, the “real” Dr. Whooves got to meet his Equestria Girl counterpart.

We also paid attention to the details and Frakker Lacquered it up on both days.

Rose & Stone Cold on upper right for Friday, Type 40 & Don't Diss the Sonic on Saturday, Doctor Whooves wore

Rose & Stone Cold on upper right for Friday, Type 40 & Don’t Diss the Sonic on Saturday, Doctor Whooves wore Shining World & Thwack! (from the Exclusive comics collection) topped with Tick Tock.

Again cosplay watching didn’t disappoint.

from Time of the Doctor who was played by Oona O'Neil who was from Fringe!!!!)

A really great Tasha Lem from The Time of the Doctor (who was played by Orla Brady who played Elizabeth Bishop from Fringe!!!!), a clockwork droid and a Madame de Pompadour (there were three or so but this one was my fave), and a Master and a Tardis and a young man that believes bow ties are cool, good stuff.

Some different panel goodness.

Doctor Panel Pics

Classic companions and awesome stand out guest stars, cool stuff.

Lastly, our haul.

This includes stuff for others too, its not just mine I swear.

This includes stuff for others too, its not just mine I swear.

Sorry this was so late, enjoy!

Sundays with Joy/Carrot Cake Pancakes

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I made these last week and boy were they a treat.  It was a regular Thursday but I got to have these really awesome pancakes in the middle of the week for no reason (well, you know for the blog but my belly didn’t know that).  I just cannot tell you how much I enjoyed these.  They were so sweet and the cream cheese glaze just went perfectly.  I just halved the cream cheese and doubled the milk (I do think it was too much liquid).  It tasted great, looks like a foam, but holds up well and stays pourable for awhile yet stays put without crusting up like a standard glaze can.  I just felt a little less guilt about eating the frosting if it was pourable as opposed to spreading.  I still used the same amount of sugar!  I also used white whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose in this recipe.

Overall, I would say the kids liked them.  My oldest, no question, LOVED them.  Can you believe I actually got the super picky one, the one that looks in her food to look for things she doesn’t like, to eat half of one after putting some syrup on it?  She did end up noticing the carrots but for her to eat that much of it before becoming suspicious is a really big deal around here.  My little one ate his fair share.  Let’s just say the plate in the picture wasn’t the end of my consumption of carrot cake pancakes that day either.

Carrot Cake

Also, with these and her Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes (also in the cookbook), I am becoming a BIG fan of raisins in my pancakes.  Who knew?  Check out Bakeaholic Mama for other variations.  Carrie has a cream cheese “syrup” that looks nothing like foam if you wanna check it out and someone else has made a chocolate glaze.  It’s the season for carrot cake and if you just want a taste without making a whole cake, I highly recommend giving these a try.

My GeekyLink for this week is well, Doctor Who, of course.  The Doctor comes back on Saturday so not only am I preparing for Easter, I am preparing for the day before as well.  I need to get all my Easter stuff prepped before the episode starts.  I usually watch as I DVR so that if the little ones interrupt an episode, I am covered.  Then I’ll watch again once they are asleep.  Then there is Gallifrey 2014 that sold out in less than a month.  I am so glad I was on the ball with that one!


Gallifrey One 2013, Day 2

Saturday started out great!  Despite going to sleep around 2 am, I was chipper and up not too long after 7.  Breakfast at our hotel was much better than expected and we packed up, checked out and were back at the Marriott well before 9:30 which was when I was hoping we’d make it.  Neowhovian and her #Tardispod pals were having their meet up then and I wanted to check out all the cosplay.  Once inside though, I made a strategic move to get in line for a Freema Agyeman autograph.  I figured I’d wait now, before any programming started instead of waiting during a panel I might have wanted to go see.  The girls went on to the meetup and met all these great people!

My niece is a HUGE fan of cosplay.  It meant so much to her to be included.

My niece is a HUGE fan of cosplay.  It meant so much to her to be included.  Photos courtesy of Angela.

While I was waiting I got to talking to some great people I was sitting with.  Everything was super pleasant and lazy because again, programming wasn’t to start for a half hour or so and then I almost had a heart attack.  My eyes settled on John Noble!  Anyone that reads this blog knows what a Fringie I am.  I knew he was going to be there but catching him out amongst everyone was unexpected and I got all fangirly.  And you know what I do when I get fangirly?  I take my stalker pictures.

Freema, John, Dalek, and Dan have been stalked!

Freema, John, Dalek, and Dan Starkey…you have been stalked!

Once the line started moving I had the girls meet up with me in line so they could meet Freema.  They got there right in the nick of time.  I didn’t even get the autograph for me, but we got to meet Freema for it and that’ll be worth giving away the autograph.  I got it for a friend who is a big Tenth Doctor fan and I made sure the picture had him in it.  I told Freema this then she smiled and sighed, “David, David, David.”  It was SO cute.  She told us we looked great and then we were on our way.  I wanted to take both girls to the panel I had waited all weekend for, Trial of a Time Lord.  Not only did it sound like a great panel (discussing how each of the actors that have played the doctor have informed the character, that whole evolution through each, and how fans react to that) but it was the only panel that had two Traveling the Vortex guys on it.  We get in there and it is standing room only so we find a spot against the wall.  My daughter sits at my feet and huffs (she doesn’t “get” the panels yet).  I am listening for a minute or two when I notice her rifling through her purse.  I look down and she mouths the words “I can’t find my iPod touch.”  At that moment I am SO upset.  Not so much about her device, I mean, I didn’t buy it for her and it sucks for her but you’re telling me I HAVE TO LEAVE THIS PANEL?  Of course I did, I’m the mom first, nerd second.  I tried my best to calm her too because I didn’t want it to ruin the day.

Gally2.3The next few hours were spent intermittantly doing stuff we wanted and 10 minutes of every hour checking and rechecking the lost and founds and checking and rechecking Find my iPod.  I knew it would have to be picked up and brought upstairs before it could get a good enough signal to be found that way so we were hoping someone would just turn it in before we had to leave that afternoon.  I was confident we’d get it back (and we did), I just didn’t want to have to drive back to LA to do it (we had to).

Gally2.4The next thing I remember was making it to Room D for most of the Tooth and Claw panel.  Which was about how to make your mark on the Doctor Who fandom doing whatever it is you do (blogging, podcasting, sewing, writing) and how to go about it.  After another iPod delay, I convinced Angela to join me for the Invasion of the Dinosaurs panel.  A panel, like last year’s that I loved so much, devoted to the mixing and matching of old fans versus new fans.  This time I remembered to bring a pen and paper and wrote down some episode names.  I only wish they’d addressed another reason some new Who fans don’t get into the older stuff.  It is just the  overwhelming Doctor Who content that is out there.  There is not only decades worth of Doctor Who episodes but the audio content is a big deal too.  I guess just baby steps…?


I went upstairs to give blood for one more chance at a membership for next year, and well to give blood.  The girls went to a comic book panel and a NASA panel.  Angela was upset though because she couldn’t see the screen in that room.  Then we met up for our picture with Freema.  John Noble had to cancel pictures but I already had my autograph and money back at the end of the day was a nice proposition.  The girls were getting tired and cranky so they opted for the video room and I went to A Good Man Goes to War, with Vortex Shaun.  It was basically an in depth look at Stephen Moffat’s handling of the show thus far.  I went up and introduced myself quickly to Shaun but had to run because Freema was speaking next in the big room and I wanted us all to go.  Again, standing room only with the girls sitting on the floor.  It was a lovely interview.  I was glad we stayed for the whole thing.  It was time to go after that and it was just as well, the girls and I were exhausted and hungry.  Although, I know we all thought of the night before and how much fun we had and how we’d be missing it that night.  That was definitely our favorite part.


Our haul.

Our haul.

I was supposed to meet my most Awesome twitter friend at Gally, but she moved to Pennsylvania the week before.  Her (wonderful, awesome, lovely!) mom gave me these cupcake Tardis earrings for Christmas that I wore all weekend.


I love the panels and all the Who talk and all the stuff and all the podcasters and bloggers and celebrities but the BEST thing about Gallifrey One is THE PEOPLE!

The last day of Gally I didn’t attend but on that day discovered that my cousin is a big Doctor Who fan and might come with us next year!  Also, I got to hold my baby cousin for the about the second time in almost six months because I had been sick every other time.  That made missing the last day totally worth it.


Favorite ribbon that I got, “I’m the clever one.  You’re the potato one.”  Said in Matt Smith’s voice in my head every time.  And it’s Angela that ends up with the most!

Next year, I will tell everyone whose cosplay I like, “I like your cosplay.”  It should be said out loud if felt and is a great way to meet people.

Check the end tables all around the con.  I got a business card for Traveling the Vortex, information about a Harry Potter skate meet up, apparently there is a large science fiction museum at UCR that I need to check out, a paper print out so you could cut and fold and make your own 3-D paper tardis, and some info on an upcoming anime con for my niece.  LOTS of cool stuff!

I was appalled at the lack of Doctor Whooves stuff.  C’mon people!  Those worlds are collided in the best way, let’s move forward with it!

Who do I see when I pull up to pick up the iPod the day after Gally ended?

Who indeed.

Who indeed.

Gallifrey One 2013, Day 1

Geez, I don’t know where to start.  This is probably the fourth or fifth time that I have started this post and now, as all of the kids are out of the house for a few hours, I have to get it done.  There is just so much stuff !  So how about we start off with this…


Right before we left and the coolest first thing we saw when we got there. O yeah, at Gally, cool begins in the parking lot.

Traffic was a bit lighter on the way this year but jeez, for someplace so close it sure takes awhile to get there.  We wandered around for a bit when we got there and showed my niece around for a bit.  She had been to the LAX Marriott before for another con but I wanted to show her where everything was set up at Gally.  Let’s just say even I was turned around a bit by Program E.  I thought it was in the room that the costume repair was set up in, so my niece (a cosplay fanatic) missed the panels I marked off for her that day.  Luckily, she found the room the next day and was very excited about what she got to hear.  I,on the other hand, went to my first panel of the con and left VERY upset.

Our best pictures of the day!

Our best pictures of the day!

It was called Partners in Crime (and don’t even get me started on the panel names, they were clever but very confusing) and it was going to be all about the Ponds.  One of the panelists, dressed up like Captain Jack Harkness (she made a very good one), basically didn’t buy the whole Rory/Amy relationship.  We all know Rory is too good for Amy, duh.  Does that mean Amy doesn’t love him?  I don’t think so.  Luckily, there was someone on my side, Stephen Prescott, host of A Mad Man with a Box podcast.  I spoke to him later to tell him thank you and I got a ribbon!  He appreciated the sentiment as well.  My main issue was their issue with how things wrapped up with them.  Okay, I’ll give you that the pregnancy thing was a plot device designed to show what she would give up for him, even if we didn’t buy it.  However, it’s not like she only loved him in the last season.  What no one brought up was one of the early episodes where she clearly chose Rory, “Amy’s Choice”.   Sure she treated him bad most of the time but as Mr. Prescott pointed out, and many of us know, there are plenty of relationships like that.  Also, the infertility plot device, although it could have been used better, was not totally off the mark.  It is just that most people are lucky enough not to experience it.  It took us four years to get pregnant.  There are things you don’t talk about.  Things that are settled.  Things as a couple you decide.  No one understands that except the couple going through it.  Could that plot point have been executed better?  Duh.  But was it totally unrealistic?  Not necessarily.

Cool stuff...

Cool stuff…

My displeasure with the Partners in Crime panel continued with the next panel that the three of us went to together.  It was Who Crack Video Track III, video clips compiled by the Five and Dime Fangirls.  It was great, just sitting there watching all these wonderful clips.  The girls really enjoyed it.  There was lots of laughing and clapping all around.  One clip in particular struck me, when Amy first sees Rory after emerging from the Pandorica.  She jumps on the man.  She LOVES him!  Grrr….  Anyways, they had lots of great stuff.  A few I had seen and a very nice Martha Jones compilation.  They named her their Gal of the Year and we got a ribbon that says so.

We didn’t have anything set for awhile so we went to the car and had lunch that I had brought.  We did some shopping.  We also did a bit of Wibbly Wobbly Words, the Gallifrey 2013 Challenge for this year.  It was a bit harder than last year’s challenge but we ended up only needed help with two.  That is where my Twitter friends came in.  I met SO many.  I did miss a couple but there is always next year.  I really liked them too.  Sometimes it could get awkward but mostly it was awesome and fun.  The girls even had a favorite of mine.  They even made friends of their own too.  They met someone so cool she invited them the next day to sit down and watch that morning’s season ending My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic episode (which ultimately was a BIG disappointment to my girls).

Next up for me was Between the Cracks 2013, a Star Trek panel.  Yup, cause I’m a Trekkie too.  Larry Nemecek, had just the best pictures and stories.  It was fun and fascinating all at the same time.  What more could you want?

Only two stalker pics that day.  Mark Sheppard (sigh) and Chloe Dykstra (who I can only assume was working for the Nerdist Channel that day with camera crews all around).

Only two stalker pics that day. Mark Sheppard (sigh) and Chloe Dykstra, as Clara, (who I can only assume was working for the Nerdist Channel that day with camera crews all around).

After that we went to our hotel which was about two blocks away.  I am NOT doing that again next year.  Although, I really liked my hotel, it was too far to walk (at least at night) and I don’t even want to think about how much money I wasted on parking (OK, around $30 in two days!).  Next time, I am either staying at the Marriott or at one of the hotels directly adjacent to it.  There are three, I wrote their names down and I will be prepared for next year.  We chilled out a bit, charged our devices, my niece got changed, we picked up Taco Bell, and went back for the evenings festivities.  This was kind of what I was waiting for since last year we were on our way home at that time.

First we went to Charlie Ross’ show Geek Like Me.  It was your standard comedy show with some Doctor Who thrown in.  At one point, towards the end, Charlie Ross sings Rocky Horror’s Science Fiction/Double Feature as a Doctor Who song and the best thing in the world happens…the Sonic Screwdrivers come out!  Red, green, blue…my daughter was horrified that she had left hers from last year at home.


Sonics out in full force!

After that was an improv show that my niece stayed to watch and LOVED and Angela and I went to Carnival of Monsters and karaoke.  Carnival of Monsters was super fun.  You’d play for tickets and if you had so many tickets you could enter them into a raffle for prizes.  One big prize being a membership for next year.  It took awhile to compile that much but even though Angela had a tough time at the rest of the games, she rocked at the Feed the Beast Below game.  I tried to get a seat at a poker table but only found one at a blackjack table.  It was nice just sitting and talking and hanging out with people.  The girls mostly stayed in the karaoke room.  They really loved it.  Once the raffle was over and we didn’t win anything, we left and went back to the hotel.  Angela didn’t even change out of her clothes before she passed out.

The next day would be a rollercoaster of emotions…

Sundays with Joy/Mommom’s Chocolate Bourbon Spiked Banana Bread

Bourbon Spiked Banana Bread--NerdyBaker

See, only a couple of days late. Okay, a week and a couple of days.

This bread was quite lovely. I had a few members of my family obsessed with it. Once I knew I wouldn’t get around to photographing it till things around here calmed down, I had to put it away for fear I wouldn’t have any left to take pictures of. The bourbon is spectacular in this, bringing out the flavor of not only the chocolate chips but the banana as well. As always please buy Joy’s mouth watering cookbook for the recipe!

The recipe called for walnuts but I used pecans because that was all I had.

The recipe called for walnuts but I used pecans because that was all I had.

I want to talk about the year to come. In so far as posts go, with the holidays being over as well as my son’s birthday party I should be getting back to a regular schedule starting with this coming Sundays with Joy. I may even sneak a post in before then. Speaking of Sundays with Joy, we decided to stay on our current schedule of posting every other week that we began during the holidays. I have vowed to stop being afraid of some of my own ideas and instead of just letting them pile up to just try and go for it. So I don’t see any problem with me being able to keep a two post a week schedule (unless I become the queen of baking fails). I know others post LOTS more but I just gotta do what I can do. Also, coming up soon this year will be another post on Gallifrey One! My daughter, niece, and I are going for two days this year as opposed to only the six hours I got to spend there last year. I am so excited! I am going to take lots of pictures and meet tons more people that also love the Doctor.

Bourbon Spiked Banana Bread--NerdyBaker

Speaking of the Doctor, let’s move on to some GeekyLinks. Here are Top 10 Theories About the New Doctor Who Companion and although I don’t agree wholly with any of them I thought two or three were on the right track. What I found more interesting, though, were some ideas thrown around in Episode 105 of the Traveling the Vortex podcast where one of the guys had a theory that through no fault of her own that Oswin may have dubious origins and I couldn’t agree more. We shall see…but unfortunately not until April. Oh, and yes, I do recommend that podcast. I was listening to another Doctor Who podcast but it just wasn’t for me. This one is WAY more up my ally. There is more structure, I am a sucker for fan feedback, and I always appreciate when the hosts let a bit of their lives spill over. I really enjoy it. I need to catch up on episodes I missed!

Bourbon Spiked Banana Bread--NerdyBaker

Sundays with Joy/Cheddar, Chive, and Jalapeño Biscuits

This was one of those recipes that I bookmarked inside Vroman’s bookstore waiting for Joy to speak.  It was one of two that jumped out at me because they were perfect for my husband.  The other was Baked Chili Cheese Fries, which we get to do in two weeks!

These biscuits…I mean, I don’t eat “hot stuff”.  I will cook with peppers of almost any kind but I don’t really eat them.  I am a picker.  Yup, I pick all that stuff out.  But I do like the flavors so I figured I would go with the recipe as is and try not to be a big baby.  They were SO buttery and flaky.  I still picked out a few jalapeños but only when I ate the biscuit by itself.  The cheese was amazing.  Why cheese isn’t a requirement for all biscuits is beyond me.


I wanted it as a breakfast for my husband and made him some biscuits and gravy today.  Tomorrow, I think I am going make him a breakfast sandwich. You should have seen the look on his face when I walked upstairs and gave him his breakfast.  I only make breakfast on the weekends and sometimes not even then, and when I do it is usually pancakes, waffles, or french toast because that’s what the kids like.  A completely savory breakfast for daddy is the rare occasion (not counting breakfast for dinner nights).  So I make up for it by making sure that on his birthday and Father’s day he gets his favorite, eggs benedict.  He didn’t care that the reason he was getting served breakfast was for purely my selfish blogging reasons.  He was getting a purely savory breakfast just for him.  I even picked him up some orange juice.  As it is every Sunday, please buy Joy’s wonderful cookbook for the recipe and check out Bakeaholic Mama for a few other takes on the recipe.

Yeah, we are back to Doctor Who for my GeekyLinks today people.  And you’d better get used to it because the new season is starting in a week and I am trying to plan my trip for Gallifrey One next year.  And I am not going to stop talking about it until every last person is a Whovian and I have evidence that I might be succeeding (one friend said that she might check it out)…so we shall proceed.  First off, Pond Life will premiere tomorrow on BBC One and run for five days with mini episodes showing the struggle of being a newlywed and a friend (well, inlaws) of The Doctor.  Also, Rory Pond (AKA Rory Williams, Rory the Roman, the Last Centurion, the Boy Who Waited) and MY FAVORITE is going to be at Gallifrey One this year.  So yeah, I am buying my tickets this week.  Second, I will not stop talking about Doctor Who because I am not alone in my quest to turn everyone into a Whovian.  Chris Hardwick tweeted the other day, “We have a RESPONSIBILITY to sire new Whovians!” along with a pretty funny video and a challenge.


My Six Hours at Gallifrey One

No food today.

Actually that is a lie.

I made these cupcakes for my cousin’s 7th birthday (robot themed, right on).  The cupcakes were the cake I used for my Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Chocolate Whipped Cream Frosting and the frosting is a basic buttercream but made using the method I used for my Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  They are decorated with Sixlets, silver sprinkles, and robot cupcake piks.  Also, I made these yesterday, I swear they are my favorite cookie ever if I do say so myself.

Now let’s get to the nerding out…

If some of you are less enthusiastic for the “nerdy” part of my blog and more interested in the “baker” part, feel free to skip this (if you don’t want to be AWESOME!) and wait till next week when I go to Pasadena for Joy the Baker’s first book signing!  Also, I do have a food post coming soon, I just had to tweak a recipe a bit before I posted it.  Then hopefully some good stuff from my Oscar party (I say party, it will be 3 of us plus my kids)!

For those of you that don’t know, Gallifrey One is a Doctor Who convention held in Los Angeles every year.  I had no intention of going.  It started on Friday but my daughter has school and dance.  That Saturday was a birthday party for a friend of my 4 year old and my husband was going to take the day off so we could hang out because our kids were going to spend the night at my uncle’s house.  Then Sunday was my cousin’s birthday party that I made the cupcakes for (and I had to make the cupcakes at some point during the weekend).  I just figured I would miss it again and besides, driving to L.A. can be a pain in the butt.

Then, early in the month, my daughter gave me a bunch of papers from school and one had the best reminder ever, NO SCHOOL on Friday, February 17!  I asked her if she was cool to skip dance that day even though it was their Valentine’s party but she didn’t hesitate, it was Doctor Who all the way!  I let the hubby know what was going on and he rolled his eyes but he didn’t say anything negative so that meant he was on board.  I asked my dad to watch the babies that day and it was all settled.  I was going to Gallifrey One!  I outlined a plan of attack for the whole thing by looking at times and events and such on the website.  I noticed lots of fun stuff that was happening in the evening that I couldn’t go to, cause I had to pick up my babies, but I wasn’t gonna get down because this was the coolest thing I have done in a long time AND I got to take my daughter.  Also, this was the perfect week for it because we had a bit of extra money and it wasn’t that expensive, only $40 for me and my daughter was free!  I saw that John de Lancie (Torchwood: Miracle Day, and yes totally Q from Star Trek: TNG) wouldn’t be there on Friday and found out from the Nerdist Podcast that Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira would be going but not till Sunday.  I just had to focus on who would be there and what panels I wanted to listen to and think about what stuff I wanted to buy.

Well, once we got there all that pretty much went out the window, in a good way.  First off, driving out there wasn’t too bad.  Plus, I bought the gas to drive out there the day before it started to spike, bonus!  We made it most of the way out there in perfect time but the last fifteen minutes stretched into about forty but at least I didn’t get lost.  We got a great parking spot, we walked in and saw the spectacle.  It was so exciting and we were both giddy!  We had to get in line for our tickets and badges.  I didn’t know going in that the point of these things was to get ribbons to the floor to put on your badges but I do now.  We only got two but I talked to the guy at the information booth and it seemed like the bulk of them for that day would be handed out for the events going down in the evening.  O well, we were happy with the two we had, one for filling out a survey and another for finishing a scavenger hunt, which I don’t think I could have finished without my daughter.

One downside, my daughter was a pill at the panels.  She just kept squirming and saying she was bored.  Luckily the next room over was playing episodes from Doctors 9 and 10 so she went and watched those.  I went to the Miracle or Mistake: Torchwood Miracle Day Review panel, which was hilarious in pointing out it’s flaws (of which there were quite a few) but still remembering why we love it so much and also pointing out what we would have liked to have seen but didn’t get a chance to.  After that we had lunch and did the bulk of our shopping and the scavenger hunt.  At 2:30 we had an appointment with Caitlin Blackwood (little Amelia Pond) for a picture.  I chose her because I was going with my daughter but if I was by myself I probably would have gone with Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler).  She was more expensive, though, if I recall correctly, so maybe not.  What was cool though, is that we were first in line for Caitlyn and saw Camille as she was finishing and I got to take stalker pictures of her.  I felt bad but it was SO COOL, I couldn’t help myself!

I meant to go see the interview with Caitlin but I got engrossed in the Intro to the new fans into Classic Doctor Who panel.  It was really good, informative, and how much the panel loved Classic Who was palpable.  I always figured I would get around to classic episodes (streaming on Netflix) but this made me very excited for them and gave me a starting point!  We walked around a bit more after that and I even started to listen in on the More Magic of Doctor Who Music panel as Angela watched Rise of the Cybermen but much of the rest of what I wanted to see wouldn’t be for another hour or so and then the really fun stuff was after 8pm.  The only thing I missed but didn’t realize it at the time (there is A LOT going on all at once!) is that Paul Mcgann (the 8th doctor) was there and was giving autographs (the free but limited kind, it was a LONG line) and I wish I was aware of that because I might have gone.  Meeting a Doctor would have been pretty awesome!  I could’ve stayed later and the time in traffic would have been less but we would’ve been home much later and I wanted to see if I could pick up the kids and get them home in time to see Daddy before he went to work, so we left.  Ultimately, the trip home was almost three times as long as the trip there (rush hour, Friday night, holiday weekend) but I did manage to get off the freeway for a Krispy Kreme donut, dinner, and to show Angela where Back to the Future (on HBO nonstop this month so the kid was interested) was filmed (traffic side trips can be fun!).  Plus, I did make it home with all the kids in time to say goodbye to Daddy before he left for work.

Hopefully, next year I can go again and stay longer.  We shall see….

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