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Pull Apart Cheesy Herb Bread

The weather was getting cold this week and I just really wanted some bread in the oven.  It was as simple as that.  I had several recipes on deck but this one cut in line simply for having yeast in it.  Also, I finally restarted my sourdough starter!  I cannot wait to have me some homemade sourdough.  If all goes well I will share the whole process, but if you cannot wait please check out where I learned on Joy the Baker.

Rolled out ball with herbs and cheese.

Otherwise, everything is the same.  The lights still aren’t fixed and my husband starts his work week again tonight so I guess that is another week I’ll be waiting unless I get frustrated enough and try to fix it myself.  It might happen but I am kinda busy this weekend.  I made a cake this week for a cakewalk that they are having at my nephews’ Family Fun Day at school and I am going to take my girls to enjoy the festivities later today.

Made into pockets!

That is if they don’t drive me crazy first.  It amazes me how renewed and energized I feel pretty much every morning or at least a good three times a week and how quickly the kids just suck it all out of me.  Really, I would be done and finished with this post over half an hour ago if my youngest daughter, Sarah, didn’t keep chasing the kitten around and if my youngest, Robert, didn’t keep screaming when I have to keep him quiet so daddy can sleep because he has to work later.  Angela, my oldest, is keeping to herself right now.  Did I mention she is really smart?

Shove those pockets in there and make them fit!

My husband always says that it is my baking and/or blogging that gets me all stressed out and frustrated but I point out that when I am home alone baking or baking late at night, I am as happy as a clam and baking is as cathartic for me as ever and totally relaxing.  I don’t even mind doing a mound of dishes if I get something really tasty and pretty out of it.  It is when life happens all around me and I just can’t keep up or keep it all straight, that is when I go a little batty.

All egg washed up, with extra cheese, ready for the oven.

Anyways, the kids have calmed down a bit so I’d better hurry up and tell you about this bread.  The original recipe calls for fresh dill and parsley but I didn’t have any so I used dry.  It is too expensive to buy herbs too often, especially when they go bad so soon (we are starting to grow some but I only have basil so far).  After baking, I still would have used a smidge less and I did adjust the amount in the recipe.  It wasn’t that easy to pull apart, so it is up to you if that is how you want to eat it.  It might have been easier if I hadn’t added the extra cheese on top, but I wanted the extra cheese on top so there.  Enjoy!

See, came right out!

GeekyLink this week I got was posted on the The Nerdist website the other day “Doctor Who” Series 6 in 89 Seconds.  Chris Hardwick wrote a book coming out soon called the The Nerdist Way and I enjoy the podcast and the site so much that I just might actually get it.

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