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WonderCon, Easter, and Birthdays (My Spring Break)

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Only a portion of the entire haul, we are missing a couple of Creeper pins, another Minecraft pickave pin, and a Naan Cat pin, and Rainbow Dash figure and all the other stuff my nephews got.

Only a portion of the entire haul, we are missing a couple of Creeper pins, another Minecraft pickave pin, a Nyan Cat pin, a Wii U Bag, a Rainbow Dash thingy and all the stuff my nephews got.

For any of you that didn’t know, the nerd/geek community apparently really SUCKS at planning things. Otherwise WonderCon would not have been the weekend of Easter and TableTop Day would not have been the day before Easter. Luckily for me, WonderCon started on a Friday and I was able to participate and still do the mom/family stuff the rest of the weekend. If it wasn’t Easter weekend, I would have totally ditched my little ones and run to this place that was hosting TableTop Day games that was super close to my aunt’s bar & grill. I could have eaten a nice lunch and then gone and played board games. It would’ve been a great day. It still was, we did some fun family stuff and I was able get home early and bake for Sunday. O well, maybe next year…



Onto WonderCon


A Harley Quinn, some Wreck-It-Ralphers, Guardians, and a hot Wolverine.

A Harley Quinn, some Wreck-It-Ralphers, Guardians, and a Wolverine.

Last year, the first year it moved to Anaheim, I totally regretted not going even though it was pouring torrential rain that weekend. After we parked and walked as far as we did to get into the venue, I don’t regret it as much. Because of Easter, I wasn’t even sure I was going to go. Just so much going on, lack of money, blah, blah, blah. But I had already mentioned it to my nephews, my niece got to go Gallifrey One, my husband has been on this “its just money/life’s too short” kick, and two days before Easter I am NOT baking and am out of town for the entire day. I had a blast.

I helped Captain America zip up in the ladies room.  Her back "shield" is a purse.  That little Iron man was PERFECT.

I helped Captain America zip up in the ladies room. Her back “shield” is a purse. That little Iron man was PERFECT.

The programming was a bit light because well, it wasn’t a Saturday, but we still made it to a Geek and Sundry panel. We tried to get into a Regular Show panel but apparently that was the same room they were going to preview the season premiere of Doctor Who and so was longest line EVER and we couldn’t get in. I was bummed for the kids because they really wanted to see that one. So even though there wasn’t much programming for our group, who doesn’t LOVE the convention floor? Super crowded at times but mostly fine, we navigated most of it really well. I was able to hold the kids off on buying stuff till we actually saw most things and then we went back and bought. They all bought posters (our group bought Modern Warfare III, Adventure Time, and Regular Show) and some pins. I had been bugging Angela about a poster since Gallifrey One. She didn’t get why till we got home from Gally and I pointed out her many years old High School Musical 3 poster behind her door. Since then she had been on the lookout for a new poster. I bought pins and a Walking Dead trade paperback for my sister/me. I spent the bulk of my money on bows, seriously. Ponies, Hunger Games, and Adventure Time hairbows for my girls. One vendor, who didn’t sell online, had some great deals so I just HAD to get them.

Felicia Day, John Saxon, Noel Gugliemi, my nephew and Lou Ferigno,

Felicia Day, John Saxon, Noel Gugliemi, my nephew and Lou Ferrigno,

There was NO Fringe love AT ALL. I was SO bummed. The lady who we bought our pins from said she might help me out with that but I haven’t contacted her yet. I mean, for a series with so many iconic images and phrases (the glyphs, Red Vines, a white tulip, the RedVerse Fringe division logo, a frickin Fedora for goodness sake!) there was nothing. And it JUST ended! Did I mention that she made zipper pulls and bracelets as well from her pins? Yeah, I also bought my Sarah a My Little Pony bracelet for her birthday and zipper pulls for Sarah and Robert as well. A Fringe bracelet and zipper pull for momma sounds just dandy.

The kids and some stormtroopers and Angela inside a Tardis tent.

The kids and some stormtroopers and Angela inside a Tardis tent.

The kids loved looking at the cosplay until Angela realized that she had a Hermione costume she could/should have worn. Then she was just bummed. We got some free Wii U bags for trying games, lanyards and pins from the Geek and Sundry panel, and a paper ship from Oblivion (oh yeah, the full size ship was there too) and I think that is about it for the free. Not bad for showing up, walking around, and having a good time.

The coolest WORKING tardis console EVER!  I should have taken video.

The coolest WORKING tardis console EVER! I should have taken video.

Easter and Birthdays…

I would make this a whole separate post but I didn’t take any pictures of my Easter goodies. A whole post about goodies without pictures is just mean so I’ll just have to tell you what I made. For our Saturday celebration, I just made some Joy the Baker Cookbook’s Simple Vanilla Cupcakes and Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I love those cookies. I added some festive M&Ms and that was it, Easter cookies.

I took the rest of the cookies over for Sunday. I made the same shortbread cookies I made last year and I brought over some Apple Fritter Cake for brunch.

The week after Easter was our big party for Justin and Sarah. I remade Joy’s Simple Vanilla Cupcakes with the Best Chocolate Buttercream (what Sarah wanted) and even though Justin said he didn’t want anything, I knew exactly what to make him. And yep, he finished what was left over the next few days.


See, I told you I could do the ganache right.

Oh yeah, Geekylink? There are only days left to preregister for Equestria LA. I don’t know if I’m going. I hope since its Mother’s Day weekend my husband wouldn’t mind us maybe going to our THIRD convention this year?! I am not really a My Little Pony fan myself but my girls are huge ones. I’m just not sure we can make it that weekend (Mother’s Day weekend? Again with the bad planning?). We’ll see…

Sundays with Joy / Oatmeal Raspberry Ginger Scones

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Kinda the coolest week ever.

Last Sunday I joined Sundays with Joy,  a group that is baking their way through the Joy the Baker Cookbook.  Pretty awesome right?  However, it seems I joined a bit late, as last week they already posted these beauties (obviously mine are a bit different but we will get to that later).  This week they are posting Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins and since I already posted them in September, I had a chance to catch up.

I cut the big ones in half.

I made White Whole Wheat Powerberry Scones.  Now, normally I put these babies in my Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies but they worked so great in the scones!  It was almost like biting into a candy scone.  Cool right?  Antioxidant filled candy scones.  Have I told you that I really never liked scones?  I had them once, they were kind of hard and dry and not pleasant so I don’t know how many I would have gone on to make or have.  EVERYTHING has changed!  Joy mentions at the end of the recipe that they are best the day they are made and that is for sure.  However my husband who has been bugging me to “just make some chocolate chip cookies” and has been turning up his nose at most other things that I have been baking, really liked these and even ate the last one two days later.  These were not dry or hard.  They were soft and moist and yummy.  I am sad they are gone.

Of course I dusted the tops with some sugar, duh!

I am not leaving you the recipe because we want you to buy the book, but along with swapping the raspberries for the powerberries, I made them with white whole wheat flour, omitted all the spice and added a tablespoon of sugar to the dry ingredients and a teaspoon of vanilla to the wet.  Since I am sad they are gone though, I think I will make another batch with the spices and some frozen cranberries that I have tucked away.

I think I will only post GeekLinks on Sundays with Joy posts sparingly but do you want to know the other reasons why this is the best week ever?  My teenage niece called me up (she never calls!) to ask me what I was doing this weekend (I know she totally knew I was going to see The Avengers and I totally knew that she wanted to go) so I invited her to come see the Avengers with us.  So after my daughter’s soccer game, I took them all to the comic book store for Free Comic Book Day (I could totally tell she was impressed that I knew about that).  Went to lunch and then the movie (which was completely awesome, by the way)  Then when we got home the girls got caught up on My Little Pony youtube videos (insert eyeroll here, they are ALL completely obsessed including my niece).  Then we watched Doctor Who on Netflix.  Matt Smith is “her” doctor which is great but I want her to watch from the reboot and she kept asking when we would get to David Tennant because she just wanted to get to Matt Smith.  So I skipped all the gems that are the Slitheen episodes.  I was bummed, they make me laugh.  But all in all, a totally surprising, amazing, fun filled totally nerdy weekend!

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