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Rainy St. Patrick’s Day in Southern California

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I shouldn’t complain too much about not going anywhere or really doing anything on St. Patrick’s day, but it was kind of a bummer.  We had WonderCon here in Southern California (it was a temporary location) and although I complain I didn’t have any money, I really just didn’t want to have to leave the house with three kids all bundled up.  I wouldn’t have taken them all but I would have had to at least taken the younger two to Grandpa’s house.  Thank goodness I don’t live anywhere that it snows.

Leprechaun Candy

They already had to be bundled up for their big sister’s soccer game at 8am.  It lightly rained but that was one day where I was thankful the game was so early, any later and we would have been soaked.  It was totally worth it too, not just because my kid was playing but it was a really high scoring game (with Angela scoring one!) and she got beaned in the face with the ball and shook it off (this is a kid who has no issue with crying on the field) but a minute later had to come off the field when her nose started bleeding.  The best part was after her coach took the tissue off her nose, my daughter spit out a bunch of blood.  My husband wishes that we had a picture of that.  It was pretty badass if I do say so myself.  She then proceeded to get beaned in the thigh, while playing the best defense I have ever seen her play, and started limping but then shook that off and now has a nasty bruise.  She is not the best player on her team but she really loves what she is doing and I think playing with the boys has actually boosted her confidence.  I am kind of bummed that we never had her play spring soccer till now.

Irish Soda Bread

The rest of the day was really boring and rainy.  I had made two treats the day before and I just had to make the Corned Beef and Cabbage and an Irish Soda Bread.  Mostly, I just read tweets about Wondercon and other parts of the country where it wasn’t rainy and people were out on a beautiful day.  It is not supposed to be that way.  I live in Southern California, dangit!  It is just as well I guess, my little ones had been sick all week and it finally hit me this weekend.

Onto the food…

Yes, I fit this all in there but paid for it later with corned beef and cabbage juice all over my counter.

I loved the idea of this Leprachaun Candy from Sweet Treats and More because she also calls it Sour Patch Grapes and I have two Sour Patch Kids lovers in my house.  One didn’t even try them (my husband) and the other (Angela) didn’t really like them but I don’t think she really gave them a chance.  My Bob and I ate most of them on Sunday.  The other treat I made on Friday was a Pistachio Cake.  You make it with a cake mix and I know I make lots of cakes and things from scratch but you can’t (at least with two little ones at your knees) whip one up from start to finish like I did with this one in an hour.  If I had realized the pistachio pudding mix that goes into it had actual pistachios in it, I would have bought some more to toss in there.  The cake was really good and moist and the passed the picky test in our house.  My Sarah had a piece and loved it!  She is wary of anything that looks strange but she ate the green cake (and normally doesn’t eat cake, she is that picky)!

Green Cake Batter

My go to recipe for Corned Beef and Cabbage is this one from FamilyFun.  It meets my two requirements.  I don’t want carrots in it and I want it to be made in the crock-pot.  I have used it since before we had kids.  It is super simple and yummy and foolproof (okay not entirely, one year I put the cabbage in too early and it was totally obliterated).  This year I decided that I would make an Irish Soda Bread.  I picked this one from Brown Eyed Baker because there wasn’t anything in it.  They usually have like raisins and/or seeds in it and I wasn’t feeling it.  My favorite part was the crusty outside but that was the part that the kids didn’t like.

Pistachio Cake

My GeekyLinks for this week are firstly, two things coming up on YouTube.  YouTube will be hosting original content on different “channels”.  I will be watching Nerdist’s Channel (helmed by Chris Hardwick) and geekandsundry’s Channel (helmed by Felicia Day) both set to start their programming on April 2nd.  Subscribe!  I did!  One thing that was revealed at Wondercon was a reel of “Walterisms” at the Fringe panel.  So awesome and so funny!  For my Doctor Who fans, here is a Tardis Wedding Ring.  I not only encourage you to take a look at the ring but the entire When Geeks Wed site.  I wasted way too much time on there when I found it.

Just really wanted to share this picture. Doesn't it just make you want to go eat some grapes?

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