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Candy Corn Cookies and Other Halloween Goodies (for next year)

Man o man, Halloween.  I was late posting last week because of my own children.  I was able to make these cookies a week early for my younger daughter, Sarah, because some mom at her school took the day that I LIKE to bring the snack.  Ultimately, though, that probably cut down on my holiday stress.  I had to adapt them because they were supposed to taste lemony.  Yeah, a bunch of four year olds biting into a candy corn colored and shaped cookie bite into it and taste lemon?  I don’t think so.  I changed that whole situation.  Also, this was the second recipe I tried.  The other one didn’t make enough, I overcooked them, and they looked funny.  The colors on those were completely correct where as the color on these is only right on half but I figured the preschoolers wouldn’t care.  Plus the method was way easier and the cookie itself was better.  I was thinking that you don’t even have to make them candy corn, you could color coordinate them for a party and just cut them into squares.  It would be way cute and easy.

Can you tell which ones came out better?

Thankfully, Sarah, didn’t want me to bake her anything for her dance class party either, she had me make bags of Ghost Poop (marshmallows in a bag with a label, saying Ghost Poop, it went over VERY well).  For Angela’s dance party, I made these cookies from Martha Stewart which were just OK.  The chocolate ones came out better than the plain ones.  They were simple (really super easy) and looked pretty, though.  Angela hadn’t asked me to bake anything either she just wanted me to make bags that looked like tombstones but I couldn’t find plain black bags in time.  I will be looking early for next year, I really liked the tombstone bag idea with a personalized tombstone message for each girl in her group.

The dough, chilled and unwrapped.

I made cupcakes for Angela’s school that I had seen on Pinterest but the recipe called for almond extract and I felt was not so kid friendly.  I was thinking I might have to adapt it myself but luckily, The Girl Who Ate Everything did it for me.  I did make them mini so as to accommodate the number of people in her class and not overload them with sweets.  They were so easy.  The recipe uses cake mix and tastes lovely.  It turned out, as Angela told me Sunday night, that nothing had been mentioned about a party on Monday and she wasn’t so keen on me making anything just in case there wasn’t a party.  I didn’t care, I had already told my sister I was going to bring the leftovers to Halloween (along with a batch of Candy Corn Cookies) and I figured if they weren’t having a party, what 9 year old is going to object to a free mini cupcake, whatever the reason?  They didn’t have a class party but they handed them out just before school ended.  I noticed that her teacher from last year also stopped her as she was walking to the gate and asked her for one.

Cut into pieces, trimming round edges.

Halloween went well.  Angela went as Hermione Granger and seeing as she is almost done with the seventh book, it was very fitting.  Sarah was a fairy and Bob went as Spiderman (sans mask, kinda hard to get a two year old to wear a mask if he doesn’t want to).  My nephews went as a ninja and a hobo and my little cousins went as Captain America and Bumblebee.  Bumblebee had the best mask and I was so impressed that my little cousin kept it on.  My husband broke his toy knife on Captain America’s shield and I told him “Duh, it is supposed to be impenetrable.  What did you expect?”  It was my son’s first year really saying “trick or treat” and “thank you” on his own, so that was neat but he was over it all fairly quickly and went back to the house early.  Sarah, did very well, not one complaint and except for mommy adjusting her wings after each stop, she was as happy as a clam.  She says she wants to be a kitty next year so we shall see if she doesn’t change her mind.  I actually think she won’t but you never know.

My other efforts

My GeekyLink is again from my Pinterest page and after I saw this don’t you dare, I did go back and check the Tenth Doctor Episode Forest of the Dead to double check to see if this exchange happened just like in The Wedding of River Song and yup, it did and I got chills and it was awesome.

One of the best parts is you can place A LOT on a cookie sheet. They hardly spread at all.

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Spice Cake with Banana Cream Filling and Caramel Buttercream

Finally!  Here is my 34th birthday cake.  There were a few minor glitches, a few things I might change, but overall, it had the flavor profile that I was going for.  Spice cake with banana cream filling was one of the layers of my wedding cake and it was wonderful.  The problem was, I haven’t had it again since then.  That was almost 13 years ago and that is a long time to suppress a craving.  I almost went for it last year, but I knew certain people in my family (ahem, my sister) don’t necessarily like to try new flavors and I was worried that no one would eat it.  This year, I didn’t really care (however, I did have my 8 year old put together another dessert for her and other party poopers) and went for it.  I wanted to add another element besides a plain vanilla buttercream and narrowed it down to cinnamon or caramel buttercream.  Obviously, the caramel won.

Let’s talk about my issues with the cake.  First, the cake ended up just a little dry.  The comments in the original post all call to add an extra egg, which I did.  One comment suggested using buttermilk instead of sour cream, which I considered, but lately I have been having great success with sour cream in my cakes.  I think I will give that a try next time.  Also, I was adapting from a 9 inch springform pan to two 9 inch cake pans so there is the possibility that I simply baked it too long.  Second, the filling was a bit difficult.  I had to do it twice because you are cooking egg yolks, and if you don’t separate them well you will get bits of cooked egg whites in it so, really, just separate the eggs well.  I also think I should have halved the whipped cream I added to it, I could have used the rest to decorate it.  It made the filling less stable but I wanted it in there as well as extra banana slices.  It tasted great though.  Lastly, the frosting.  I had to attempt this one twice as well.  I just am not great with caramel.  Both times, it seized up on me (after heating your water and sugar you are adding cooler cream and vanilla and if you don’t keep stirring and if your cream and vanilla aren’t room temperature, your sugar WILL get hard) but the second time I was able to heat it up the hard sugar enough in the cream that didn’t get incorporated for me to melt it back into a caramel consistency.  The moment that you add the cream and vanilla to your sugar is one of those moments in baking where you wish you had three hands so you just have to make the best of it.  Also, I think doubling the caramel mixture would have been a plus.

So I finished the cake Friday night, and even with all my issues, it still tasted fabulous on Saturday evening.

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