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Tardis Cupcakes

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I love when people decorate things in the most precious ways.  Most of the time, I can’t do the same.  I just have a different skill set and I know my limits.  Also, I prefer not to use certain ingredients to make my stuff.  I am not a snob, I just don’t want to learn how to work with fondant if I don’t want to eat it.  So most of the time I am just looking to find a way to make something look cool, taste great, using things I (mostly) know how to do.

A really lovely batter, easily scoopable.

A really lovely batter, easily scoopable.

I have been wanting to make a Tardis cupcake for awhile now but was stuck as to how I wanted to do it till Gallifrey One this year.  I definitely took inspiration from the Tardispod ladies and their wonderful creations.  I was sitting down writing my Gally posts when I took pen to paper and drew what I bring you today.  My only qualm was that I wish I had dyed the top of my Tardis a darker blue.  Also, I thought I had big pearl sprinkles for my Tardis light.  I mean I had like three opportunities to buy them and I didn’t.  So when it came to decorating, I used Marshmallow Bits that I had in my pantry for the job.  The shape was better anyway but the pearl sprinkles would have been shinier.

So really, all I wanted was to bring you an idea of something you could do.  I don’t have a recipe from me to give you but the here is the Blue Velvet Cupcakes recipe I used.  Also, if you’d prefer not to make it from scratch Betty Crocker has a recipe as well.  I worked on a new buttercream that I really liked but I want to use it again before I share it so for right now just use your favorite buttercream.  I used black gel I had lying around for the “windows” or you could use melted chocolate for them as well.

It's bluer on the inside!

It’s bluer on the inside!

I gotta run.  Holidays are hectic around here (Doctor Who holidays as well as traditional ones) and I have lots to do (I’m gonna be introducing the family to my Apple Fritter Cake on Sunday)!  Your GeekyLink is the Nerdist Podcast‘s latest offering, Doctor Who’s Jenna-Louise Coleman!  I almost started listening to it as I began writing this but decided I’d wait till I could listen to it in the car with my daughter who I know will get a kick out of it.  Oh, and yeah, Doctor Who comes back on Saturday!


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