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…off to work I go…

new beginning

So, that job I needed…I got one! It’s definitely an adjustment and kind of the next chapter for me.  You see, I never wanted to be a stay at home mom but circumstances always change the best laid plans.  Now, however, my baby is not a baby anymore and I have some time to work.  While overall, staying at home proved more rewarding than I could have imagined, I think mandatory time with people that aren’t my kids (which is just hard to find if you HAVE kids) is good for anyone.  Now, I get that time and I don’t feel the least bit guilty since I’m getting paid all while meeting new people and having some fun.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still work but the new people thing really is a blast.

It wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined, heck GETTING the job was probably the easiest part of it.  It’s the little things, the minutiae of the job that had me wondering if I was up to keeping the job.  I didn’t stand out as a great employee from day one which is difficult for someone like me, an overachiever in grade school without really trying so hard.  Even in regards to employment, I earned a raise and a promotion after my first month of work ever.  This time, learning the things I needed to learn took  more time than I expected.  I actually had to try really hard, and I did, and I really enjoyed it.  (Admittedly, I don’t try hard at my housework.  I’m trying harder now to have the kids learn more of it.  Whoa…)  The week before the kids went to school I worked over 30 hours which, for someone like me who hadn’t worked outside the home in over a decade, was exhaustingly magical.  I knew that part-time is where I’d end up hour-wise though and what is best for everyone right now.

This one, my oldest, kept me at the vet a couple of days too and reminded me that an extra paycheck can come in handy.

This one, my oldest, kept me at the vet a couple of days too and reminded me that an extra paycheck can come in handy.

Balance has been tough and obviously the blog has suffered (heck the baking has suffered, but that is for other reasons too) but we’re working through it and I think the best thing that will come from all of this is the kids getting and learning more responsibility at home because BOY have they been coasting these last few years!  All of this is just in the beginning stages so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

The other reason the baking has suffered?  I got a job at a bakery.  I cannot be expected to sample most of what we serve in about a two month time frame while baking more at home, yikes!  Then maybe the next month I ate too many of my favorites and knew it and didn’t bake that month.  Now I am ready to move on.  Inspired even!  No I don’t bake at work, I don’t have any formal education in that department and so not qualified.  I simply get to serve some great products made by a local business that I really like.  I get to serve people in my community, people I haven’t seen in years, people I see every week.  Sure I gotta wash dishes there too and it won’t make me a millionaire but what I love most is a happily overwhelmed customer.  I love watching a 60, 40, or 20 year old get giddy over a pastry or a cupcake flavor that sounds like the just the right kind of heaven to them because that stuff makes me giddy too.

Finally, I’ve caught up on some household things that had to be put aside because of summer vacation, my job, and getting used to the kids’ schedules.  Now, I have some free time to talk you again and I hope you’ll want to listen and I’m sure I’ll be baking a few things along the way.

I have a GeekyLink for you too!  The only thing that helps me catch up on my housework is my podcasts.  The network I am listening to the most lately is the Bald Move network.  Not only do they have some great TV podcasts but a few lively lifestyle ones as well.  However, my favorite by far is Up Yours/Dowstairs.  Specifically a Downton Abbey podcast they also cover other Edwardian era films (The Secret Garden), TV shows (Mr. Selfridge), and mini-series (Titanic: Blood and Steel) when the show is on hiatus.  If you are a fan of the 1985 version of Anne of Green Gables by Kevin Sullivan and starring Megan Follows then I hope you can appreciate Kelly and Tom’s take on it.  They are a bit snarky and I may disagree with them about a few things but the way Kelly tears up any time Matthew is mentioned means I know she gets it.

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